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1707, 15 Mar 24

Blacks Less Likely to Buy Biden’s “Treat to Democracy” Rhetoric

There is a deep cultural memory in the American Black community of the government abusing their power to victimize people. The lawfare against Trump is as anti-American as what many Blacks endured for a century. That being said, I don’t expect Blacks to abandon Biden in any serious numbers.

Biden’s Black supporters, who make up about a fifth of his political base, were considerably less likely than his white backers to respond in the poll that they were voting to stop Trump, 37% to 65%.


Black Democrats were also less likely than white Democrats to say they were worried about a presidential candidate stealing an election or partisan state legislatures overturning its results. Black voters in the U.S. have skewed heavily Democratic for decades.


1707, 15 March 2024


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