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2045, 04 Feb 24

Senate Releases America-Hating Bill


WASHINGTON (AP) — Senators on Sunday released a highly anticipated $118 billion package that pairs border enforcement policy with wartime aid for Ukraine, Israel and other U.S. allies, setting off a long-shot effort to push the bill through heavy skepticism from Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson.




If the number of illegal border crossings reaches above 5,000 daily for a five-day average, an expulsion authority would automatically kick in so that migrants are sent back to Mexico without an opportunity to make an asylum claim. If the number reaches 4,000, presidential administrations would have the option of using the expulsion authority.

There is so much bad about this bill, but that last quoted provision is the absolute deal killer. It effectively legalizes 1.8 million illegal aliens PER YEAR before we even really try to stop the flow. That is a nation-killing wave of illegal aliens that will crush our social safety nets and economy.

This is a terrible bill and it is terrible politics for Republicans. They are trying to hand Biden a giant “bipartisan” bill that pretends to fix our border problem during an election year. Terrible policy. Terrible politics. Every Republican who supports this bill should be run out of office like a Taco Bell squirt with as little compassion as they are showing the victims of violent illegal aliens.


2045, 04 February 2024


  1. Merlin

    Senate Republicans are out of their minds. What’s next? An amnesty bill?

  2. dad29


  3. Merlin

    Hopefully this senate betrayal bill goes down in flames and the fallout begins the end of senile old Mitch McConnell’s reign. There’s no sugarcoating this sellout and he’s one of the prime architects. McConnell can’t follow McCarthy into retirement fast enough.

  4. dad29

    It’s over. McConnell now says ‘kill the bill.’ And we also know why Lankford pushed it: a little blackmail from the Deep State over his Bible-Camp comments on 13-year-olds and “consent.”

  5. Mike

    Bought, bribed, or blackmailed.

  6. Tuerqas

    >Bought, bribed, or blackmailed.

    The three Bs of modern day politics. Though this would probably be more accurate: Bought, bribed and blackmailed.

  7. Merlin

    McConnell is being exposed bigly. This was supposed to be a pass-it-now-read-it-later done deal. Midnight Mitch has become a few steps too slow. Schumer has been expressing his undying love and admiration while even Lankford is now trying to put the whole mess in the rearview.

    Speaker Johnson might want to beef up his security detail and avoid park benches and dimly lit streets for awhile. Whether a principled negotiator or just a very expensive whore, I think I’m beginning to like this guy.

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