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0913, 04 Feb 24

Biden Declines Super Bowl Interview

We’re going to get the basement campaign again. There’s no way a well man running for reelection turns down airtime on the most viewed event of the year – especially when the polls are narrow and his approval rate is in the toilet.

President Joe Biden will again skip a pregame Super Bowl interview embraced by recent presidents as an annual tradition.


Presidents have traditionally sought to leverage the marquee football event’s broad viewership, making Biden’s decision particularly notable in an election year.


Biden participated when NBC and CBS aired the game but sat out last year, when the Super Bowl was aired by Fox. CBS will broadcast the game this year on Feb. 11. The White House confirmed to POLITICO that Biden would be skipping an interview after Variety first reported the news.

“We hope viewers enjoy watching what they tuned in for — the game,” White House spokesperson Ben LaBolt told the entertainment outlet.

0913, 04 February 2024


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