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1115, 14 Jan 24

Milwaukee Newspaper Whitewashes Whitewater Story

As if you needed some more evidence that Milwaukee’s newspaper is anything other than a Leftist propaganda rag… the background is that Brietbart ran a story a couple of weeks ago about the influx of illegal immigrants into the little town of Whitewater. The Brietbart story was prompted by a letter from city officials to federal officials asking for more money to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants. Outrage ensued because the struggles of Whitewater mirror the struggles of small communities across America that are being overwhelmed by the influx of illegal aliens foisted on them by the Biden administration.

The Milwaukee paper took it upon themselves to dig in to prove that the right-wing media got it wrong. Well, the right-wing media got it a little wrong in that the influx of illegal aliens occurred over the course of a couple of years (allegedly), but the rest was correct. The illegal aliens in Whitewater are leading to an increase in crime and increased costs for schools and other resources. From the MJS story:

In January 2022, Whitewater police responding to an apartment fire found two children sleeping on the floor with no adults present. The next day, they found a family with a toddler living in a 10-foot-by-10-foot shed in frigid weather. Then, they encountered a 14-year-old girl being forced to work 30 hours a week instead of attending school.


“Every shift, we were having contact with somebody that was recently here from Central America,” said police chief Dan Meyer. “That was not typical.”


It was the start of an unexpected influx of new residents. City officials estimate that 800 to 1,000 migrants have been drawn to Whitewater by jobs on farms and in factories and by available housing. Mainly from Nicaragua




There are many more English-language-learners in schools, and drivers being pulled over without licenses, and people being found in overcrowded or unsafe living situations.




The police have invested in interpreting software; the school district has hired more Spanish-speaking staff; the library got a grant to translate key brochures into Spanish.




Meyer and Weidl had drafted the letter with the aim of showing residents the city had done everything it could to secure more funds before asking taxpayers for money in a referendum. They believe an infusion of dollars to up police department staffing and add an immigrant liaison position, among other ideas, could go a long way.




There is no public transportation system in the town, so many undocumented individuals drive without licenses. It’s only recently that free clinics opened to serve those without health insurance.




“we would have, say, third graders who didn’t know their ABCs or we would have high school students who didn’t know how to read,” Ramirez said.


Before, the teachers mostly helped students of Mexican heritage who grew up bilingual in the U.S. Suddenly the district had to hire instructors who could teach migrant kids in Spanish to read and write. And it’s tougher to catch up high schoolers who are taking classes like chemistry and history compared to younger children, Ramirez said.




Meyer, the police chief, drew the estimate of 800 to 1,000 new migrants from the number of new children in schools and the number and type of calls police have received. It’s “probably a conservative estimate,” he said, as a chunk of those who have arrived are young, single men who aren’t in school.


Meyer said his officers’ investigations in cases involving migrants take longer, leaving less time for proactive policing. As a way to quantify that decline in officers’ available time to police in the community, he provided data that showed officers initiated half the number of traffic stops in 2023 compared to an 11-year average.


At traffic stops, unlicensed drivers might give a fake name or fake ID documents. And because they come with so few possessions, people under investigation for crimes easily slip away and can’t be found for follow-up interviews.


Officers might not realize until later that it was the third or fourth time police had stopped someone until a time-consuming effort to truly identify the person. Then there’s the task of correcting all the prior records in the system.


“It’s hours and hours of manpower,” he said.

Look at all of those tax dollars being spent on law enforcement, schools, the library, and everything else. Accompany that with the increase in crime, unsafe driving, unsafe living conditions, and overall decline in safety.

Now multiply that by the 10,000 communities across America that are dealing with Biden’s illegal invasion. He is killing our nation and he’s doing it on purpose.


1115, 14 January 2024

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  1. dad29

    Since the UW-W faculty is ……….ahhh…………liberal in the extreme, it’s about time they stepped up and made their “welcome, illegals!!” chatter into reality.

    Their living rooms and spare bedrooms have plenty of room.

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