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0931, 31 Dec 23

U.S. Navy Sinks Attacking Boats

Um… we appear to be in yet another war. May our servicepeople stay safe.

Four vessels from Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen fired upon the Maersk Hangzhou and got within metres of the ship, the US military said.

Helicopters from nearby US warships responded to a distress call – and, after being fired upon, sank three boats “in self-defence”.

The crews were killed and the fourth boat fled the area.


0931, 31 December 2023


  1. MjM

    Appear? Where ya been, Owen?

    US troops have been targeted on nearly a daily basis and the Navy has been shooting down drones and rockets for months.

    Reminder: the war against islam is a forever war.

  2. dad29

    Also remember: the Empire has dozens of bases in the Middle East, all very handy targets.


  3. Merlin

    A little maritime interdiction against modern day pirates makes for good training for our side, but not so much for the Houthi who the Iranians are probably paying with sacks of rice. The Iranians don’t mind sacrificing Hamas fighters and Palestinian civilians, so I imagine they care even less about the Houthi. Disposable brethren, I guess.

    Curious how quiet the Saudis have been lately. Trouble in every direction courtesy of their archenemy, occasional indiscriminate missile launches flying overhead from their southern neighbor, and yet not a peep out of them.

  4. dad29

    That’s because the Saudis are defecting.

    New members of BRICS: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran, and Ethiopia

    Joining Brazil, Russia, China , India, South Africa.

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