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1234, 02 Dec 23

Israel Continues on the Offensive

Some running thoughts...

KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel pounded targets in the crowded southern half of the Gaza Strip on Saturday and ordered more neighborhoods designated for attack to evacuate, driving up the death toll even as the United States and others urged it to do more to protect Gaza civilians a day after a truce collapsed.

The truce didn’t “collapse.” It’s not something that just happened. Hamas broke the truce.

Also, notice how Israel continues to try to protect civilians by announcing where they are going next despite the increased risk to their soldiers. Hamas does not do that.

At least 200 Palestinians have been killed since the fighting resumed Friday morning following the weeklong truce with the territory’s ruling militant group Hamas, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza. Several homes were hit across Gaza on Saturday, with multiple casualties reported in a strike that flattened a multi-story building on the outskirts of Gaza City.

The Health Ministry in Gaza is Hamas and they have been proven habitual liars. Yet, this reporter takes their statements at face value.

The appeal from the United States, Israel’s closest ally, to do more to protect civilians came after an air and ground offensive in the first weeks of the war devastated large areas of northern Gaza.

The Biden Administration has abandoned Israel and is lobbying on behalf of Hamas.

Meanwhile, Palestinian militant groups in Gaza said they fired a barrage of rockets on southern Israel. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, an Israeli army spokesperson, said Hamas had launched more than 250 rockets at Israel since the cease-fire ended.

Put another way, “Hamas terrorists continue to target Israeli civilians with indiscriminate rocket attacks.” Notice how Israel is intentionally warning civilians to protect them while Hamas is targeting civilians. There is not a moral equivalence here.

The maps and leaflets generated panic and confusion, especially in the crowded south. Unable to go to northern Gaza or neighboring Egypt, their only escape is to move around within the 220-square-kilometer (85-square-mile) area.

Remember that Egypt could – at any time – open their border with Gaza and offer their fellow Muslims sanctuary. Egypt is not willing to welcome the terrorists into their country for good reason.

Meanwhile, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, in Dubai on Saturday for the COP28 climate conference, said in a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi that “under no circumstances” would the United States permit the forced relocation of Palestinians from Gaza or the West Bank, the besiegement of Gaza or redrawing of its borders, according to a U.S. summary.


Harris was expected to outline proposals with regional leaders to “put Palestinian voices at the center” of planning the next steps for Gaza after the conflict, according to the White House. President Joe Biden’s administration has emphasized the need for an eventual two-state solution, with Israel and a Palestinian state coexisting.

Again, the Biden Administration is firmly on the side of the terrorists now.


1234, 02 December 2023


  1. MjM

    Vice President Kamala Harris, in Dubai on Saturday for the COP28 climate conference,

    Rephrase: “VP Kamala Harris, in Dubai on Saturday, after flying 7000 miles in a private jet, dumping more CO2 into the atmosphere than an average American does in two years, in Dubai, one of the worlds most oil-funded nations on earth, for the COP28 climate conference,….”

    Also Harris:

    I did speak with the Emir and the work and their commitment to this work is ongoing and our work is ongoing to support some ability to re-open the pause and to have a deal going forward where there will be a pause.

    And you thought Babblin’ Joe is the only one with dementia.

    Also Harris:

    We have to revitalize the Palestinian Authority

    Rephrase: “OK, Hamas is a lost cause so we‘ll help install a different terrorist group.”

  2. Merlin

    It doesn’t look as though the Biden Administration has much influence at all in the region. Not regarding the actual fighting itself or in determining the path forward when hostilities eventually end. They talk a good game of propaganda aimed for American media consumption, but Blinken’s presence is barely being tolerated by regional allies. Openly aligning themselves with Iran and Iranian interests has been a huge mistake. Appeasing Iran hasn’t slowed them or their proxies down even a little bit.

  3. Mike

    The only logical explanation for the actions of the Biden administration is that it is controlled by China. Their actions towards our allies, energy policy, everything thy do, makes perfect sense and all ties together when seen in that light.

  4. dad29

    The minute Biden got into office, US influence EVERYWHERE dropped off the charts. NATO “allies” are ignoring the US’ pleas for more aid to Zelenskiy. Iran laughs at the US. China is toying with US military ships and planes. Biden can’t even get Central/South American countries to block the “refugees”/invaders.

    That’s Democrat “manhood” at work!

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