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1921, 20 Nov 23

Evers Vetoes Middle Class Tax Cut

Realize that Evers really thinks that it’s his money to spend.

Gov. Tony Evers on Monday vetoed a $2 billion Republican tax cut bill, calling it “completely unserious.”


Evers’ veto was expected, as he opposed the GOP plan from the moment it was introduced as a substitute to the Democratic governor’s own workforce development package. Evers has previously vetoed a similar income tax cut passed by the Legislature.




Instead, the Legislature passed a measure that would have cut income taxes, created a child care tax credit, and increased income tax deductions for private school tuition. The vetoed bill also had provisions to recognize some out-of-state professional credentials in Wisconsin, and to prohibit state examining boards from requiring counselors, therapists and pharmacists to pass tests on state law and regulations.


Evers, in his veto message, said the Republican bill failed to “meaningfully and sensibly address the workforce challenges that have plagued Wisconsin for a decade.”


1921, 20 November 2023


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