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2115, 19 Nov 23

Nazis Not Welcome

For weeks, Wisconsin’s Democrats have been mute as thousands of violent pro-Hamas Jew-haters protested, blocked roads, attacked people, damaged property, defaced our monuments, attacked the White House, disrupted government business, and called for violent resistance. But when twenty Nazis (who are most likely Feds) show up in Madison, Wisconsin’s Democratic establishment comes out of their chairs to speak out against antisemitism. Call me cynical, but I don’t believe them. 

Neo-Nazis marched in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, chanting “There will be blood,” CBS News reports.


Almost two dozen masked marchers walked along State Street toward the Wisconsin State Capital before ending up at James Madison Park.


The group, who had also chanted “Israel is not our friend,” gathered in front of a historic synagogue, per the Milwaukuee Sentinel Journal. It is not currently being used for religious services.

Antisemitism and racism are always abhorrent – even when your political allies do it. Right, Democrats? Right?


2115, 19 November 2023


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