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2036, 01 Nov 23

No Difference Between Hamas and ISIS

This is the kind of murderous depravity we usually only see in urban America.

A Hamas terrorist told an Israel Securities Authority (ISA) official he and another man shot and killed crying children who were inside a safe room, until the sounds could no longer be heard, while acknowledging he entered the house simply to kill.


In a video posted by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, the Hamas terrorist is seen wearing prison garb while sitting in a chair with an Israeli flag behind him.




The ISA official then asked the Hamas terrorist if he entered the house as an order to kill from Hamas, and he nodded.


He was also asked what the difference between him and ISIS are, and told the official there was no difference, based on videos he was shown of Hamas spreading terror.


2036, 01 November 2023


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