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1948, 12 Oct 23

Wisconsin Legislature Passes Bills to Protect Girls and Children

Good for the legislative Republicans. Yes, it will be vetoed, but we have to try to protect kids and girls.

MADISON – The Wisconsin Assembly has passed three controversial pieces of legislation dealing with transgender rights, despite opposition from LGBTQ groups and Governor Evers’ promise to veto any such bills that come to his desk. The votes were along party lines.


Two of the bills, Assembly Bills 377 and 378, ban transgender women and girls from participating in women’s sports in high school and college. The third, Assembly Bill 465, bans gender-affirming healthcare for transgender youth under 18.


1948, 12 October 2023

1 Comment

  1. dad29

    The fun REALLY starts when an over-ride vote is brought to the floor.

    Which Democrats will vote against young women? Hmmmmm???? And which Democrats will vote to license butchering children?

    ………..Oh……..wait………..I forgot about Planned Parenthood. Nevermind.

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