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1942, 12 Oct 23

Milwaukee Politicians Go For Big Raise After Tax Increase

Hats off to Dan O’Donnell for breaking this story.

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson wants to give himself a $20,000 raise next year and raise the pay of Common Council members and other elected officials by a whopping 15% after pushing for a 2% sales tax and huge increases in shared revenue to remedy the city’s ongoing budget problems.


Under Johnson’s proposal, his annual salary would jump from $147,335.76 to $169,436.12. Common Council members would see an increase from $73,222.24 to $84,205.58 and the Common Council President’s salary would be bumped from $82,749.16 to $94,310.25.




In his annual budget speech last month, Johnson highlighted a 2% raise for city employees and 3% pay increase for those with five or more years of service.

This is how socialists roll. Big tax increase on the people. Tiny pay increase for the workers. Gigantic pay increase for themselves.

I had a tiny sliver of hope for Mayor Johnson, but I see that he is just another in a long line of Milwaukee grifters.


1942, 12 October 2023


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