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2150, 21 Sep 23

Americans Dread Upcoming Campaign

See: Owen’s column from earlier this week.

The survey of 1,636 U.S. adults, which was conducted from Sept. 14 to 18, offered respondents seven emotions — three positive, three negative, one neutral — and asked them to select any and all that reflect their attitude toward the 2024 campaign.


Dread, the most negative option, topped the list (41%), followed by exhaustion (34%), optimism (25%), depression (21%), indifference (17%), excitement (15%) and delight (5%).

In total, a majority of Americans (56%) chose at least one of the three negative feelings (dread, exhaustion or depression), while less than a third (32%) picked at least one of the three positive feelings (optimism, excitement or delight).


2150, 21 September 2023


  1. Merlin

    Years worth of a steady onslaught of extreme negativity are having the desired impact. Dread, exhaustion, and depression. Everything you believe in is wrong. You are the cause of every problem. Sit down and STFU. They’ll pick your candidates for you and if you don’t like them you can just stay away from the polls. If you deplorables aren’t going to vote they way they want you to they would prefer you not vote at all.

    Sounds like they have a significant number of people right where they want them. People who just can’t anymore. Maybe they can’t overtly strip you of your right to vote, but they’re sure killing your will to participate. I can’t decide which is more nauseating; the blatant actions to suppress or the utter weakness of the reaction to the suppression.

  2. dad29

    It appears that the study quoted above does not distinguish between (R) and (D) respondents. If anything, the (D) respondents are FAR more in dread than are the (R)’s.

    I keep bringing it up: not even massive fraud will overcome the total apathy of (D) constituencies which are drowning in inflation and crime.

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