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0726, 01 Aug 23

Controversy as Marketing Tactic

One of our faithful readers pointed this out to me. The author of one of the books that is being challenged in West Bend campaigned for the three liberal board members who were elected in April.


Do you live in the #westbendschooldistrict in #Wisconsin ? You can defeat #bookbanning and support the #freedomtoread by #voting on April 4. #The57bus

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While not denying that this author is a radical leftist who wants to indoctrinate children to her beliefs, this is also a rather smart marketing tactic. There is almost an unlimited number of books that a school district can choose to put in front of kids. By stoking controversy, this author is creating a group of passionate adults who are demanding that schools buy HER book.

Smart, eh?


0726, 01 August 2023


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    Lunacy is always discernible in the eyes.

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    Living the American dream spreading crazy for fun and profit.

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