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0836, 20 Jul 23

The Biden Coverup

Consider that we have solid proof that several federal agencies were actively covering up the crimes, and likely treason, of the nation’s First Family. It’s not that they were lazy or negligent. They proactively covering up the hide the crimes of favored people.  This is Banana Republic stuff.

The mystery surrounding the identity of Whistleblower X ended Wednesday when Joseph Ziegler, who has worked with the IRS since 2010, appeared before Congress to claim that Hunter Biden received preferential treatment in the investigation into his financial dealings.
Ziegler and IRS Supervisory Agent Gary Shapley testified before the House Oversight Committee that their investigation ‘supported felony and misdemeanor tax charges,’ which were ultimately not brought against the president’s son Hunter due to political pressures.
Ziegler, a 13-year veteran of the IRS who was the main case agent on the Hunter probe, claimed the federal tax investigation into the president’s son ‘supported felony and misdemeanor tax charges’ – rather than just the misdemeanor tax charges Hunter is scheduled to plead guilty to next week as part of a deal that allows him to and avoid prosecution for a separate gun charge.
The agents said under oath that U.S. Attorney David Weiss, the lead Hunter Biden prosecutor, asked Washington, D.C., U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves to bring those charges. But after Graves refused, Weiss threw out the potential felony charges and struck a plea deal with the president’s son.
‘I watched U.S. Attorney [David] Weiss tell a room full of senior FBI and IRS senior leaders on October 7, 2022, that he was not the deciding person on whether charges were filed,’ Shapley said, contradicting Weiss’ previous public statements.
‘If the Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss followed DOJ policy as he stated in his most recent letter, Hunter Biden should have been charged with a tax felony, and not only the tax misdemeanor charge,’ said Ziegler. ‘We need to treat each taxpayer the same under the law.’

0836, 20 July 2023


  1. Merlin

    >They proactively cover up the hide the crimes of favored people.

    Uh, huh. They have also repeatedly used lawfare to prosecute/persecute people who question Biden’s public corruption. They impeached and tried to remove from office a President who asked questions about the Biden family influence peddling business, didn’t they? These new whistleblowers can expect no mercy.

  2. dad29

    Note well: EVERYONE in Congress knew that Biden was a POS twenty years ago; corruption, “fixing tickets”, large money hoovering, and a nasty, mean, SOB womanizer to boot.

    So if they all knew it, including Pubbies, where was the “HOLY CRAP, NOT HIM!!!” when he was nominated–especially from the Republicans?

  3. dad29

    Like I said on the other thread, Merlin, Main/Wall street compromise? Not too easy.

  4. dad29

    Cadged from another blog, this from a retired FEEB who lives in a ‘deep Red’ State:

    Regarding President Trump, there is a growing sentiment among the grassroots that it’s Trump or nothing. There is also a growing discontent with the GOP. I suspect that the GOP would like to prevent Trump from being the nominee. If that comes to pass, the GOP will, in all likelihood, cease to be a party. Far too many people will just walk away. The GOP has squandered years of good will of its members and it is catching up with them.


    Buy popcorn futures!

  5. Mike

    “So if they all knew it, including Pubbies, where was the “HOLY CRAP, NOT HIM!!!” when he was nominated–especially from the Republicans?”

    Biden is corrupt and evil. He has been making deals for decades, and every deal he made means someone has something to hold over him. Whoever is running Biden now has all of his dirt in addition to their dirt on the rest of the swamp. This is how he was installed by his puppet masters.

    This year we have seen the shade raised a few inches on information about that corruption. The press can no longer hide it and may just be using enough to get rid of Biden since his dementia is becoming a detriment to them.

    Don’t look at Biden, look at whoever is controlling our government. It is no one we elected or consented to follow.

  6. dad29

    Mike, I think you miss the point. We all know there is a Deep State which has serious power in DC. What I want to know is why no REPUBLICAN stood up and said, out loud, that Biden is a f*n CROOK?

  7. jonnyv

    This paper that Grassley is waiving around is from June of 2020. Why did no one scream to high heaven during the Trump administration on this? It would have been seen by a LOT of people looking to take down Biden before an election? Possibly because most of these claims are unverified? Some MAY be true, but if you can’t prove them… nuts.

    And as far as why wasn’t Biden’s son prosecuted harder? Maybe because he is the son of a well-connected politician? Story older than time. The rich and connected always seem to find a way to bend the laws around them, because they can afford it. ANYONE who expected him to serve any jailtime… I have a bridge to sell you.

    If it were up to the Republican establishment, they would make Trump vanish in an instant. But it isn’t up to them, he is STILL THE LEADER of the MAGA portion of the party. And that portion is a SOLID portion of the overall R party. By dumping him they would seriously run the risk of alienating a section of their core voters. So they can’t do that. And as of right now, Trump is polling WAY above everyone else that the R’s are throwing out there, including their “chosen one”… Desantis. But it sure sounds like his campaign is flailing currently. Having no policy and constantly wailing the word “woke” doesn’t play well everywhere apparently.

    I have heard a few people on this board say they wouldn’t vote for Trump again… but we all know you will if he is the candidate. I would love to have a realistic option other than Biden, but he will be the guy and I will vote for him. It is how this works for most of us. And like it or not, the economy is recovering pretty well under Biden. IF (big if) we can avoid a recession, that is a big win for him.

  8. Merlin

    >This paper that Grassley is waiving around is from June of 2020. Why did no one scream to high heaven during the Trump administration on this?

    You have got to be kidding. None of this is new news to anyone with a pulse. Trump was IMPEACHED for daring to raise public awareness of Biden’s public corruption regarding Ukraine. He had Guiliani running an independent investigation because the DOJ wanted no part of it. They still don’t. The MSM still doesn’t want any part of it either. Taking the three monkeys approach to the Bidens isn’t working anymore because his own team wants him gone. They’ll get away with it all in the end because the legal jeopardy will evaporate with a political solution that has Joe Biden agreeing to just go away. Same deal the Clintons got. Same deal Trump has consistently refused.

    Their world doesn’t work quite like ours.

  9. jonnyv

    Well, no wonder nothing happened with it if you put Guiliani in charge you might as well forget about it. That guy is a clown. He probably talked to the FBI, but it was really some kid with a “Female Body Inspector” shirt.

  10. dad29

    Ah, yes, JonnyV. Slander the guy who actually put the proof in front of the FEEBS–which they promptly buried.

    That’s the Democrat Way!! Look at what they did to RFK Jr yesterday. They have nothing, so throw s**t at the wall and the witnesses.

    Yes, you’ll vote for Biden while he demolishes the people who can’t afford his energy, his stoves, and his electricity. That’s Democrat “equality” at work, just like it was under Democrat Jefferson Davis, Democrat KKK, and Democrat vote suppression in the South. And let’s not forget Democrat abortion policies concentrating on blacks.

  11. jonnyv

    I don’t mind RFK that much. But he needs to drop his insane take that “vaccines cause autism” BS. He has refuted most of the main street media about a lot of his takes, rightfully so. They skew some of what he says. BUT, he has YET to ever come out and talked about the autism take that he has. And like it or not, he is unelectable just because of his voice. It is SO shallow, but his scratchy weak voice doesn’t command any sort of authority. I don’t think the general public would get behind him.

    Yes, I will vote for Biden over Trump or DeSantis.

    Dad29, talking about the democrats from when he was a young man apparently. These are different parties than in the 50s and 60s. I remember when Republicans cared about the budget, we are a way away from those days. Parties change.

  12. dad29

    This paper that Grassley is waiving around is from June of 2020. Why did no one scream to high heaven during the Trump administration on this?

    Actually, it is a FEEB-created document which was buried by the crooks and liars called “FBI management.” Your claim that “Lots of people saw this” is totally un-founded–but maybe the people that DID see it wanted Trump to die a horrible death–like, e.g., Bluto Barr.

    By the way, Giuliani did scream.

  13. Mike

    Dad29, the reason the Republicans didn’t stand up to this are threefold. First, many are in league with the shadow government, or have been promised a position in it in return for their cooperation. Ask Manchin how well that works.
    Second, a fair number of Republicans are compromised and the shadow government has knowledge of that hence blackmail.
    Third , others see this and are told to stay in line or they will be politically destroyed. This starts with subtle hints in their capitol orientation. If someone does say something it is buried in procedure, ignored by a cooperative press, or treated as just another MAGA conspiracy theory.
    Information on all of this was out in public before the election and that is how it was suppressed. Control the information and you control the public and elections.

  14. dad29

    Mike, there’s the magic combination: blackmail, complicity, and lust for (continuing) power.

  15. jonnyv

    Dad29. the fact that you would vote for Trump says the same.

    Bidenomics seems to be working out right now. Stocks are as skyrocketing, my portfolio is at about where it was in Sept of 2021 (not quite the highs of Nov 2021 yet). Unemployment is VERY low. GDP is growing. Inflation rate seems to be coming down to normal levels after the fed raised interest rates. Salaries are still high.

    It would be nice to have the housing market turn back around, but that won’t happen until the fed gets the rate back down to like 5% or so.

    As much as I think Trump was a clown, I thought he would get re-elected because the economy was good during his presidency. It took a global pandemic to get him out. And I will say the same about Biden. If the economy continues down this path and we can avoid a hard recession, I think Biden will slide right into re-election.

  16. dad29

    It took a global pandemic to get him out.

    It took massive election fraud to get him out. Fixed it for you.

    Inflation rate seems to be coming down to normal levels

    “Normal”? Since Biden, we are at 16% total inflation (’21-date). Under Trump it averaged just under 2%. It is reduced in rate this year, true. As to unemployment, you will note that the number jiggers due to people holding TWO jobs, just to keep up. Remember, too, that one must be actively looking for work to be classified as ‘unemployed.’ Sitting in Mom’s basement is not actively looking for work.

    More important, the national debt AND the deficit have gone wild; Biden intends to eradicate gas stoves and water heaters (only 5-10% or current models meet the new standards), gasoline prices will curve upward over the next several months since he’s pumped the strategic reserve dry (look at Brent prices), and of course, he is attempting to mandate perversions in schools. You approve of that; many others do not.

    Illegal immigration, drug deaths, chaos in cities, and sex trafficking (a favorite among D.C. Democrats) will continue to grow, along with the enormous costs in dollars and lives. Biden does not care; if anything, he’s in favor of all this.l

    Finally, Biden will lose the Ukraine war. May not seem like much now, but the likelihood is that the loss will also displace the USD as the world-reserve currency, which will lead to more inflation.

    Yah, he’s a great candidate.

    (Are you sure Biden will be the nom? Lots of rumors have him exiting for “health” reasons with Newsom stepping in as President candidate)

  17. MjM

    Lots of rumors have him exiting for “health” reasons

    Babblin Joe today:

    “We’re still feeling the profound loss of the pandemic, with over 100 people dead”
    “We cured cancer as we know it”
    “I don’t know what the difference between breaking your arm and having a mental breakdown is”

    I’m sure ya’all saw the vid of this creep trying to chew the shoulder off a little girl as she squirmed away in fright, which didn’t stop him. Not to mention yet another stair stumbling, this time on the small, shorter AF1 steps they thought would be easier for him to scale.

    He is declining rapidly. His incomprehensible mumbling, misnaming, and insane comments have grown since last year, which had increased from the year before. Every week is another step down. Quite frankly, his idiocy is displayed daily. Or at least when ever he opens his mouth. Or appears in public. I still maintain he will at some point completely breakdown, on camera, for all the world to see. That will end it.

    But if he doesn’t by the time the hard core election season starts rolling there is no way in hell his handlers can allow him to participate in any debate.

  18. jonnyv

    MJM… Mitch was the one who broke down on camera. Looked like a stroke or seizure for The Turtle.

  19. dad29

    Jonny, that’s WAAAAAAYYY weak and you know it.

    But to make you happy, I’m perfectly fine with McConnell, Biden, and Lurch (D-PA) stepping down, along with Feinstein. None of them are compos mentis.

  20. jonnyv

    I don’t think that Mitch needs to step down. But my understanding is that he is having very similar tripping and falling incidents that Biden has had, just not in front of cameras. The populous elects the leaders that best represent them. And if they want to keep electing Mitch The Turtle… that is fine with me. I don’t agree with his politics, but I know he is good at being a politician.

  21. dad29

    Well……..”the populace” did NOT elect Biden, pal. So yah–he can go.

  22. jonnyv

    Thanks for the correction on “populous” vs “populace”. I don’t think I ever really knew (or cared) about the difference. There was a fun Super Nintendo game long ago called Populous and I have always just used that spelling.

    Dad29, you keep talking about and hinting at “voter fraud” etc. But you (or anyone) can’t prove it. You can’t prove that there was enough fraud that it swayed the election at all. You may not have liked the changes to the voter registration rules and mail in ballots, but from what everyone can tell, these were legit voters. Go figure, when you make it easier to vote, more people seem to vote Democrat. No wonder reps keep trying to make voting harder. So like it or not, more people voted for Biden than Trump (by a LARGE margin). And more electoral votes went to Biden. End of story. Maybe it is time to get over it.

  23. Tuerqas

    As much as I think Trump was a clown, I thought he would get re-elected because the economy was good during his presidency. It took a global pandemic to get him out. And I will say the same about Biden. If the economy continues down this path and we can avoid a hard recession, I think Biden will slide right into re-election.

    It took a global pandemic to get him out or a broken, puppet press blaming the POTUS for it to get him out? You wanna go over how the blame fell on Trump for a pandemic, not even started in the US?
    Maybe how his fast-tracking of a vaccine, warp speed one might say, got a vaccine out for a new(mutated) virus 2 years faster than any other vaccine in history?
    Maybe how he tried to downplay its seriousness to help allay fears while Dems were trying to promote mass hysteria?
    Anyone can slow the coming of a recession enough to miss an election year especially with the press in their pocket. Going through a drive through was about $15 for two people 4 years ago, now it is never less than $30. Personally, I would wager that Biden slides out of his chair before he slides into re-election.

    None of them are compos mentis.

    Heh, I would say they are all compost mentals…

  24. jonnyv

    T, No one blamed Trump for the pandemic. But his general lack of a plan and off-kilter nature was not assuring to the general public, and many people saw that and lost faith in him. Operation Warp Speed was a great start, and helped get the vaccines to the public faster than it normally would have been. But, Trumps problem (and it always has been) is that he was just talking without know WTF he was actually saying. He loved to make stuff up and then either deny he said it or call it fake news.

    January: “We totally have this under control”
    Feb: “No problem, its fine”
    Mar: Shut IT DOWN.

    The dude just kept saying, “It will go away.” Rather than be honest with the information that they had behind closed doors, he tried to make it sound like he had it under control. And he didn’t. And then his insane press conferences talking about bleach, sunlight, and hydroxychloroquine. He became more of a laughingstock than he already was. This was the one opponent he couldn’t insult and ridicule out of business.

    And as far as the press… maybe if he wasn’t constantly attacking them he could have worked WITH them. Instead he constantly was an adversary. Trump doesn’t know how to do anything BUT that. And you can STILL see that now with how he has handled the dozens of his own former staff that he attacks, and other GOP candidates.

    There is a great debate that will happen for generations on what this inflation time period. But ultimately it was the world wide shutdown that was the spark. People left the workforce. People took that time to better themselves and get new jobs. Many people didn’t want to go back to crappy service jobs where they had to deal with awful people everyday. Getting people back to work after a lot of the handouts drove up salaries. Many people realized they could work from home with the same efficiency. The shutdown of the world drove up costs when shipping became insane. The gig-jobs were starting to become commonplace. All of which drove up costs. It didn’t matter WHO was elected, this inflation was coming. You can argue that it may have been less with Trump??? Who knows, it is all speculation and unprovable.

  25. Jason

    >No one blamed Trump for the pandemic.

    Hahaha absolute bullshit… You revisionist turd.

  26. Merlin

    >Going through a drive through was about $15 for two people 4 years ago, now it is never less than $30.

    The MSM is doing its best to avoid dwelling on the consequences of Biden’s economy. Their coverage of all things Biden consists mostly of positive spin and lies by omission. I’m an old guy and I’ve never seen such blatant propaganda. You can’t even refer to what they do as journalism anymore.

    If it were a Republican occupying the WH they’d be reporting nonstop sob stories about the devastating effects of inflation; increased costs for food, energy, housing, healthcare, etc., all while incomes erode. They’d be in perpetual misery reporting mode about the cruelty of the poor getting poorer. Grandma living without electricity or water, soldiers on food stamps, single moms with six kids living in a beater car, etc. would lead every single broadcast.

  27. dad29

    And as far as the press… maybe if he wasn’t constantly attacking them he could have worked WITH them

    For a guy smart enough to run a business, you are remarkably naive, and I’m being kind.

    There are such creatures as ‘press whisperers’. As you know–or should know–the DC press is partially composed of ex-Democrat mouthpieces or married-to-Democrat-poohbahs transcriptionists; the majority are True Believers in Big Government J-school naifs.

    The MSM’s attacks on Trump were not personal; they were professional in the worst sense of the term, and not much different from the attacks on Bush the Dumber and Ronald Reagan in both frequency and vituperation. Trump poked the hornet’s nest with his frank observation that they promulgated fake news–but so what? They hated him for what he stood for and the people who backed him–the smelly Wal-Mart gun-owning God-fearing types.

    As to his handling of the Fauci/PRC biological weapon: after any President is told that ’10 million could die’ the President’s task is to alleviate or avoid total panic. So–just like JFK’s handling of the Cuban crisis–Trump went into bravado mode. Should the bank pull your company’s financing, will you tell your employees that their payroll isn’t coming, or do you put on a brave face and scramble like Hell to find another bank? Hmmmmmm? In addition, it’s now clear that Fauci (and Birx) were lying to him 24X7 about every single element of Covid. and “the cure.” Trump–to his credit or not–allowed “scientists” to run the “science” part, and he was stabbed in the back by the lying bastards who were actually on the Pfizer/J&J payrolls.

    As to the election fraud, I was on the ground. You were not.

    During the Milwaukee County recount, NONE of the observers were allowed to see what was the single most critical matter: signature-matches on absentee ballots</i. We were kept more than 6 feet away from the tables due to the Covid Panic manufactured by Democrats just for this occasion.

    Further, none of the courts (nor the WILL lawsuit) addressed that matter either. You nave NO idea (nor do I) whether those absentee ballots were legit or not. Don’t be so foolish as to mockingbird the Democrat line that ‘no one proved anything,’ as ‘proof’ was never allowed to surface. Shall I mention that the President of WILL is a Never-Trumper?

  28. Merlin

    >But to make you happy, I’m perfectly fine with McConnell, Biden, and Lurch (D-PA) stepping down, along with Feinstein.

    And the original Lurch (R-UT). Willard is well beyond his use by date.

  29. MjM

    JV observes and swerves: “ Looked like a stroke or seizure for The Turtle.”

    Yes, and a an instance of transient ischemic is the same as increasing dementia.


  30. Jason

    >Yes, and a an instance of transient ischemic is the same as increasing dementia.

    And one man in a body of 100 is the same as one solitary president.

    Which one can write Executive Orders? Which one can launch nuclear weapons? Yeah, jv is talking like a no talent ass clown on this one.

  31. jonnyv

    My favorite part about Jason is that he rarely adds to a conversation and instead throws out 2nd grade insults. Bravo sir. Can I expect 3rd grade insults next year or will you be held back again?

    MJM, not sure where you feel I “swerved”. You claimed Biden may break down on camera, and I simply pointed out that Mitch did it first. But ok.

    Merlin, you may be right about how the media would spin the economy. But like it or not, as I pointed out, many aspects of the economy are thriving. I didn’t even mention that GDP is continuing to go up. New business applications are up 6.2% as well. While the economy isn’t perfect, there are a LOT of positive signs right now. It would be nice if energy and gas prices came down a bit, but they are not outrageous. Gas prices are the same that they were in 2014 on average. They will probably drop after the summer driving season is over. And Merlin, if this were happening with a Republican president, you would be pointing out all these positives as well.

  32. Jason

    >Gas prices are the same that they were in 2014 on average

    And yet still far higher than the very highest when Trump was in office, Pendejo/a. Pick your own pronoun. But go ahead and ignore the facts and focus on my mean feely words. Haha

  33. MjM

    Of course you are not sure, JV. It is because you fail to acknowledge the several similar brownouts Biden has had over the last two years and are ignorant, or willingly disregardful, of the difference in cause.

    And note that I wrote “completely breakdown”. Guess you didn’t understand the meaning of that either. So I will explain it to you.

    Biden has a tendency to go off on people for no reason. A trait of his well known for decades. The most famous instance goes back to his first prez run he started in 1987, when he poked his finger in the face of a supporter and screeched, “I bet I have a higher IQ than you” (and then went on to brag – lie, another known tendency – about everything regarding his academic life). Last year he started yelling at reporters who were lucky enough, so to speak, to get a question responded to. And now WH aids complain of his constant out-of-nowhere swear-loaded blasts of anger in meetings.

    Biden also has begun to display a newer oddity. That is, to weirdly bow to and whisper mumblings into a microphone, as if making some salient point, which, of course, they never are.

    All of which is why he has never had an actual open press conference, only scripted, and immediately is shuffled off stage after making some statement (during which he probably ‘repeated a line’ of instruction off the teleprompter).

    As I previously stated, he could never stand for a debate. He simply does not have the cognitive ability to last more than ten minutes in open confrontational discussion let alone barroom conversation.

    And as all have witnessed his mental decline is increasing. And it’s still a full year away to the Really Big Campaign.

    His complete breakdown will not be in the form of some physical malady. It will come in the form public long incomprehensible out-of-nowhere swear-loaded blast of anger.

    Just like at those WH meetings.

    BTW, while McConnell was back at the podium 30 minutes later speaking clearly, Babblin’ Joe, when he says something stupid or begins to mumble, is lead off quickly by aids and hidden away.

  34. Jason

    JV… I know this is a waste of time, as you have never reconciled issues like this in the past….

    “My son has not made money in terms of this thing about, what are you talking about, China,” Biden told then-President Donald Trump while sparring during an October 2020 debate, according to Fox News.

    “The only guy who made money from China is this guy,” Biden added, speaking about Trump. “He’s the only one. Nobody else has made money from China.”

    And today this…

    “I don’t know how to spell his name, Yi Jianming is the chairman of that company,” Hunter responded.

    “$664,000 from a Chinese infrastructure investment company — is that one of the companies we’ve already talked about?” the judge continued.

    “I believe so, yes, your Honor,” he said, before adding, “I believe CEFC.”

    So what do you think of that. Joe Biden lying during the 2020 debate and using the tried and true tactic of attacking his enemy with the very thing. “The only guy who made money from China is this guy,” Biden added, speaking about Trump. “He’s the only one. Nobody else has made money from China.”

  35. dad29

    GDP is continuing to go up

    And GDI (Gross Domestic Income) is going down. Square that circle! Hint: could the Administration be following the time-honored tradition of jiggering the numbers?

    Gas prices are the same that they were in 2014 on average. They will probably drop after the summer driving season is over.

    Yup. And who was President in ’14? Another anti-American socialist scumbag. By the way, the Arabs cut back production by 100 million barrels and Brent (and WTI) prices are now just beginning to show it. But whistle on through your D graveyard!

  36. Jason

    I knew that was a waste of time. Facts are facts and the Biden’s are dirtier than a hog farmer’s boots.

  37. Merlin

    >And Merlin, if this were happening with a Republican president, you would be pointing out all these positives as well.

    Polishing a turd is polishing a turd no matter who’s doing the polishing. A minor drop in the rising rate of significant inflation still leaves you with significant inflation.

    You’re a bidness man. Do you get your corporate finance advice from Karine Jean-Pierre? Of course not. You know they don’t have a clue. About anything, really. The numbers don’t lie, but you can certainly lie about the numbers. It’s what they do.

  38. Tuerqas

    T, No one blamed Trump for the pandemic. But his general lack of a plan…

    I know other people covered this (thanks), but I have to pile on here. No one blamed Trump? Were you vacationing in North Korea the year coming up to the last election? Every single liberal in the world blamed Trump, including you.
    His ‘lack of a plan’??? You allowed (the truth, fancy that) that Warp speed did work MUCH faster in creating a vaccine for covid, but can still talk about his ‘lack of a plan’? It takes a special kind of idiot…

    If I get to cherry pick one remark from Biden from every single month (that they let him say something in public) of his Presidency I bet I get a lot worse bullshit than your Trump ‘gaffes’ above. I despise Trump, but I want my POTUS to show confidence to the people in a time of fear. I DON”T want what Dems promulgated throughout, using, selling, and trading in fear purely to win the next election. If the Dem propaganda machine led by MSM was not in existence and Trump was blamed for his mistakes, but praised for his successes, we would have had 8 years of Trump. I despise his personal life and professional methods, but as an objective assessment, his Presidency was a pretty major success and would have been much greater if Government was concerned about the people and not personal and Party power. Trump is a pretty perfect example of what is wrong with America. No one in power is concerned about the public, only about how they can use the public for personal gain. Trump showed concern and tried to help the people of the US as a whole and both Parties shunned him for it. The people voted in change and big Government spat it back in our faces, laughed at us for it, and made damn sure it wouldn’t happen again.

  39. jonnyv

    T. Those “Cherry Picked” comments were JUST related to Covid. We ALL know that dude just LOVED to make shit up on every subject. His strong suit wasn’t his grasp of the facts… ever.

    And correct, he didn’t have a plan for Covid. No one in the gov’t did. He created project warp speed, but had no idea how soon it would help out. He is lucky that it was under a year, it could have been 4 years. I totally give him credit for that. But as I said, NO ONE blamed him for a world-wide pandemic. There was plenty of blame for what happened in the US due to the pandemic. Because he set the tone. Trump has a severe lack of empathy, and the general public could tell that. And the irony is that the people who were most likely to die from Covid were probably his core voters based on old age and location (southern US for 2020-21).

    And you can blame the “lame street media” all you want for Trump’s loss. It is about as useful as blaming the refs when your football team loses by 10 points. You can argue 100 reasons on why Trump lost, but ultimately the few million people that made the difference lost faith in him or were sick of his antics and his mouth. And guess what, unless something dramatic happens he is going to be the candidate again. And will probably lose again. I think it is great that he seems to drive the other side to vote. The more participation the better. I doubt we will see the 67% turnout again due to many of the restrictions in voting that were put back in place. And now he is a convicted sexual abuser (aka rapist). So have fun with that albatross around his neck.

    I will push back that his presidency was an objective success. He had some party wins, but really failed to accomplish any major legislation while he had all the branches. Like them or not, look at what Biden & Obama were able to push thru while they had majorities. (And this is where Dad29 complains about the “swamp” and the “establishment Rs” blah blah blah. You are the leader, “GET IT DONE”). Trump had a good economy. Trump got in some SCOTUS justices, although 1 of those was thanks to Mitch. He passed the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. And he pushed thru some de-regulation. He wasn’t a failure, but if I were a R, I would be pissy that he didn’t accomplish more (As I was with Obama when he had a majority.)

    PS. Assuming Trump loses, I can’t wait for all the think pieces on how the MSM pushed Trump to BE the candidate knowing he was going to lose to Biden again… and DeSantis “would have” won. I will file them in the circular bin right next to the “Bernie would have beat Trump” papers from 2016 and blaming the D super-delegates.

  40. dad29

    Trump has a severe lack of empathy, and the general public could tell that. And the irony is that the people who were most likely to die from Covid were probably his core voters based on old age and location (southern US for 2020-21).

    Two things: first, Andrew Cuomo was the one killing off old people; that was in New York, not the South. Secondly, if you perceive that Trump ‘lacks empathy,’ that is precisely what the MSM wants to to perceive; they put that perception in play with their coverage.

    I would be pissy that he didn’t accomplish more

    Like eradicating ObamaCare? The ObamaCare that Paul Ryan and the Swamp desperately want to keep on the books?

    Trump was not able to ‘get more done’ for two reasons: he was NOT part of the “R” Party dominating Washington (and still is not); and of course, there were some distractions.

    Finally, Trump did NOT lose the election. It was fraud, as Time magazine bragged. You ought to get out and read more.

    We note your silence on the question of ‘what’s the right Presidential reaction.’ That tells us that you concede he was right. Thanks!!!

  41. dad29

    And now he is a convicted sexual abuser (aka rapist).


    In a CIVIL trial, he was found liable for monetary damages. He is not “guilty” of rape, as that is a CRIMINAL offense–requiring that a unanimous jury find guilt beyond the shadow of a doubt. The CIVIL trial only requires a majority of jurors, and only ‘preponderance of the evidence.’

    There is a difference. As a business owner, you should know that stuff.

  42. jonnyv

    Dad29, I had no idea that people were waiting with bated breath to know what I thought a proper response was. TRUTH. That should be the correct response in a situation like this. A strong hand that tells everyone what is going on and assures the country that while it will be a difficult time, the country will persevere. Tell everyone that there are top scientists all over the world working on this. I don’t want a president that is lying to my face while getting different information behind closed doors.*** Because you can only lie to the public’s faces so much while the public death toll is constantly increasing until they will just lose faith and stop believing anything you say.

    ***I know that this is literally EVERY president with certain information.

    And as far as the Trump sexual abuse. He was found guilty of sexual abuse in civil court. And even the judge afterword said that this was a “legal distinction without a real-world difference.”

    “The finding that Ms. Carroll failed to prove that she was ‘raped’ within the meaning of the New York Penal Law does not mean that she failed to prove that Mr. Trump ‘raped’ her as many people commonly understand the word ‘rape,’” Kaplan wrote.

    He added: “Indeed, as the evidence at trial recounted below makes clear, the jury found that Mr. Trump in fact did exactly that.”

    Kaplan said New York’s legal definition of “rape” is “far narrower” than the word is understood in “common modern parlance.”

    Thanks, but I will take the judge’s interpretation on this one and continue to call him a rapist.

    And last thing, I am not going to rehash the 2020 election with you. I recall the “liberal tears” comments in 2016. And I will drink from that same cup now. Trump LOST. Not unprovable fraud. He was a LOSER. More people voted for Biden. Biden won the necessary states for an electoral victory. Take your BS conspiracy theories and try to sell them to someone else. Because for every stupid conspiracy you try and dig up that you CAN NOT prove, I will simply say, “Sure… and the R’s probably did it too. Prove they didn’t.” And we are at a standstill. HE LOST.

  43. dad29

    Eighty one million votes, my ass.

  44. dad29

    Gee. A New York City “Judge.” That’s a guy who speaks the gospel of truth every time.

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