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1930, 02 Jun 23

Hunter’s Heinder on Display

If you’re interested.

A trove of photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop has been made available to the public through a new website that launched Thursday.


The website – – will house almost 10,000 photos spanning from 2008 to 2019 and took months to complete, Garrett Ziegler, the founder of nonprofit Marco Polo, told Fox News Digital.


“It’s taken us a couple of months to, one, go through the photos, about 10,000 of them, and redact the genitalia on the photos,” Ziegler, a former Trump White House aide, said of the contents found on the laptop once owned by President Biden’s son.


“The number one thing we’re about… is truth and transparency,” he said. “If the American people want to know what their first family is like, they’re going to get it. And we’re not going to be taking out photos that paint the Bidens in a good light.”


1930, 02 June 2023


  1. Merlin

    Let’s hope Mr. Ziegler has sense enough to stay away from park benches for the near future.

  2. Jason

    Exactly Merlin. Or is the victim of a street robbery which ends with two bullets in the back and nothing stolen.

  3. Mar

    Too bad Hunter Biden is not Amish.
    If he was, no computer, no pictures and probably less less drugs.

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