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1948, 13 May 23

California’s State Budget Deficit Soars to $32 Billion

Do it. Do it!

A Californian state senator has urged black residents of his state to be ‘realistic’ about reparations, a week after the task force – set up to look into the issue – approved its final proposals.


The task force has not announced how much they think should be given to eligible residents.


Economists studying the issue have argued the state is responsible for more than $500 billion, due to decades of over-policing, mass incarceration and redlining that kept black families from receiving loans and living in certain neighborhoods.


Some have calculated that black residents who meet all the criteria could receive $1.2 million. 


Their plan must be approved by the governor, Gavin Newsom, who has already said he does not support the distribution of checks, arguing that there are better ways to deal with the legacy of racist policies.


On Friday, Newsom said the state’s budget deficit is expected to soar to almost $32 billion, nearly $10 billion more than he had projected in January.


A state senator who sits on the nine-member task force said people should not get their hopes up.

Yeah, reparations are stupid, but the sooner the back of California is broken for their idiocy, perhaps it will bring them back to sanity. One can hope…


1948, 13 May 2023

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  1. Merlin

    Be careful what you wish for. Once California goes bankrupt the DC uniparty will simply declare them a perpetual welfare state that the other 49 will be made to support. No reforms, no responsibility. The urban model on steroids. Those good old days you long for are in the rearview and getting smaller by the day.

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