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2049, 15 May 23


Shocking… FBI is Radically Biased and Unprofessional

It is more clear than ever that the FBI is corrupt to its core.

In a 306-page report, special counsel John Durham said the agency’s inquiry had lacked “analytical rigor”.

He concluded the FBI had not possessed “actual evidence” of collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia before launching an inquiry.

The FBI said it had addressed the issues highlighted in the report.




The report noted significant differences in the way the FBI had handled the Trump investigation when compared with other potentially sensitive inquiries, such as those involving his 2016 electoral rival Hillary Clinton.


Mr Durham noted that Mrs Clinton and others had received “defensive briefings” from the FBI aimed at “those who may be the targets of nefarious activities by foreign powers”. Mr Trump had not.

“The Department [of Justice] and the FBI failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law,” the report concluded.


2049, 15 May 2023


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  1. Merlin

    If you can believe even half of what you’ve read about Hoover then the FBI has likely been corrupt to some degree from their origin. After four years of investigation all Durham seems to have accomplished is an airing of dirty laundry. Aside from a bit of short-lived embarrassment it does absolutely nothing to right any wrongs. All of the bad actors are going to skate. No legal jeopardy for anyone? We’re supposed to believe that the solution to the bureaucratic corruption is to be oversight policing by corrupt politicians? If Trump just goes away the corruption weaponized against him goes away too? Not likely.

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