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2046, 03 May 23

NYPD Pilots Flexible Shifts

While I expect these options to be popular with some, I doubt it will stem the exodus. I don’t think most are leaving (or not joining) because of the way shifts are structured.

The flexible schedule comes amid a mass exodus of veteran officers retiring or taking jobs at other departments for better pay and benefits. The department is experiencing high overtime costs as the rest of the force picks up the slack with extra hours.




Under the 12-hour shift option, officers work three days on and three days off within the NYPD’s scheduling framework.


In the 10-hour option, officers would work 10-hour shifts for four days, followed by two days off.


Officers based in the Bronx — in the 45th and 47th precincts and in Transit District 11 and Public Service Area 8, which serves city housing projects in the 43rd, 45th and 47th precincts — are participating in the pilot program. If the program works, the city hopes to expand it.


2046, 03 May 2023


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