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2035, 03 May 23

Republicans Set Conditions for Increased Funding

I part ways with the Republicans on this one. The data is clear that more money will not result in better educational outcomes – especially in MPS. Don’t give them any more money. The leftist educrats will drop or circumvent the requirements as soon as they can, but the increased spending is eternal. Starve the beast.

Furthermore, whether or not a district uses police, private security, arms staff, or other security measures seems to me to be a strictly local concern.

State lawmakers could force Milwaukee Public Schools to have at least 25 Milwaukee police officers stationed in its buildings under a provision tucked into a sweeping bill that could increase funding for local governments.


The district had cut its last contracts with Milwaukee police in summer 2020, as racial justice protests landed outside MPS offices. School board members have stood by that decision, but lawmakers could go over their heads.


While previous attempts by lawmakers to require school districts to hire police officers have been subject to veto by the governor, this one could be harder for Democratic Gov. Tony Evers to block if he wants to pass the whole bundle of proposals in the same bill. Evers’ spokesperson has not replied to questions from the Journal Sentinel about the plan.


Evers would not be allowed to use his partial-veto power on this bill if it lands on his desk, according to Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau Director Richard Champagne. On bills that spend public funds, Evers is allowed to use a partial veto, crossing out only certain parts of it. But Champagne said this bill does not qualify as an appropriations bill, and Evers would only be allowed to veto it in full.


The bill, released by state Assembly leaders Tuesday, could still change as it moves through the Legislature. It includes a range of other measures, including allowing the city of Milwaukee to levy a sales tax if approved by referendum.




MPS stopped using school resource officers in its buildings in 2016 in response to complaints about police unnecessarily citing and arresting students for incidents that could have been handled as disciplinary matters by the district. In 2020, it also ended contracts with police to patrol outside buildings and events.


2035, 03 May 2023

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  1. dad29

    They are called The Stupid Party for a reason. They gave “schools” umpty-zillion more dollars 2 years ago. That worked well, didn’t it?

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