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1147, 02 Apr 23

Harvard Tweaks Quotas Ahead of SCOTUS Ruling

Perhaps if they just focused on merit… just saying.

Amid allegations of bias against Asian students in its admissions process, Harvard University welcomed its largest proportion of Asian American first-year students in its history this week.


From a pool of 56,937 applicants, the Ivy League university admitted a total of 1,942 students — its second-lowest admissions rate on record — to its Class of 2027. Of this batch, 722 were accepted through an early action process in December 2022, while 1,220 were notified of the regular decision on Thursday.


Asian American students composed 29.9% of the new admissions, marking a 2.1% increase from last year’s 27.8%. This, according to Harvard, is the group’s largest-ever acceptance rate.


Meanwhile, Black students made up 15.3%, followed by Latinx at 11.3% and Native American/Hawaiian at 2.7%. White students still composed the largest admissions group at 40.8%.


1147, 02 April 2023

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  1. Tuerqas

    By all means, those Chinese giants of tomorrow aren’t going to educate themselves. I mean really! That 7.2% of the US population should only get 27.8% of the applicant approvals is appalling! 29.9% is a little better, but not enough!

    Here’s a shocker:
    Percentage of Asian applicants accepted: 29.9%
    Percentage of US population: 7.2%

    Percentage of black applicants accepted: 15.3%
    Percentage of US population: 12.5%

    Percentage of Hispanic applicants accepted: 11.3%
    Percentage of US population: 18.9%

    Percentage of inferior white applicants accepted: 40.8%
    Percentage of US population: 61.6%

    So you can clearly see that the population that should feel slighted and have a true grievance are Blacks and Hispanics!!!

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