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2135, 31 Mar 23

Child Thrown Out of Tournament by Trans Activist Judge


A teenage player was disqualified from a Pokémon Trading Card Game tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina, after an exchange with a judge regarding his preferred pronouns.


Makani Tran, who took time off school and spent $800 to participate in the tournament, was brought to tears when the head judge told him he was disqualified from the event due to allegedly violating their inclusion policy by making someone feel unsafe and uncomfortable.


He gave his side of the incident in a lengthy post shared from his Twitter account.


On our way over to the stream area, the judge asked us for our preferred pronouns. I said “Um he or him or uh” and I paused trying to think of the third pronoun (the third pronoun being his). As I just stood there looking stupid trying to think of the third pronoun, I felt embarrassed because I was failing to think of a simple word. Due to the nerves and me being embarrassed, I let out a little laugh just a normal nervous laugh. My response together ended up being “Um he or him or uhhhh haha his.” That’s it.


It appeared that the judge became uncomfortable after Tran had an awkward laugh upon being asked his pronouns.


“OK, I just wanted to check to be safe. I go by they/them so don’t be a jerk about it,” the judge apparently responded.


2135, 31 March 2023


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