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2123, 17 Feb 23

Biden Lies

Wow. Even CNN can’t ignore the lies.

CNN — 

President Joe Biden has made another series of inaccurate claims in an economic speech.

In late January, CNN fact-checked Biden’s false and misleading claims in an economic speech to union workers in Virginia. In a speech this Wednesday to union workers in Maryland, Biden repeated one of those claims and made three other incorrect statements – all of them about statistics.


In another part of the speech, Biden said, “We cut the debt by $1.7 billion the last two years.” The White House made a correction to the official transcript to make it “$1.7 trillion” instead of “$1.7 billion.”

Facts First: This claim is inaccurate even if you ignore Biden’s billion-versus-trillion mixup. The national debt has continued to increase under Biden. It is the deficit that has declined by about $1.7 trillion – and experts say it is misleading for Biden to take credit for that reduction.


2123, 17 February 2023


  1. Mar

    Wow, when you CBS against you know the liberals and the are against you.

  2. Tuerqas

    How is this post not called “Biden Lies…again” (and again and again and again)

    He lied like a sieve long before he went senile.

  3. Merlin

    It really is amazing just how surreal this whole Biden experiment has become. The early strategy of keeping Biden closeted was never acceptable, but at least somewhat understandable. The overall deception was easier to sell if there was nothing to see. Trotting him out on the daily now to prove his mental incompetence in living color both domestically and internationally is just bizarre. There is no there there and they want you to see it.

  4. Tuerqas

    It just shows clearly and how badly the Dems do not want him to run again. Only 5 or 6 Presidents have ever decided not to run for a second term and three of them finished out lengthy Presidential terms when the prior sitting President died in office. So they really did have the Presidency for more than 6 years. Today they really have to have F…ed up not to run again. The last one to do it, LBJ, knew he screwed up the Vietnam problem so badly that he could not win a new election. Biden often doesn’t recognize his own mind anymore so of course he wants to run again. It will be up to the other Dems to prove his incapacity so that he does not win the nomination.
    I think even they know that while the last 4 years has been fun for them running the country by committee, they won’t be able to win an election with a decrepit man obviously losing his mind as the candidate.

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