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2124, 16 Feb 23

Mr. McSpendy Strikes Again


Gov. Evers’ 2023-2025 budget would spend $103.8 over the biennium, a nearly 18% increase in spending for the first year and 0.8% during the second year. His proposal comes as the state is financially healthy with a projected seven billion state surplus, but some Republicans have warned that pot of cash could dwindle with a looming recession.


“As we balance this historic opportunity with our historic responsibility, let’s give these priorities deliberation and debate that’s worthy of the traditions and the people of this state,” Evers said during his primetime budget address Wednesday evening.


Within minutes after presenting his budget to the GOP-controlled Legislature, top Republicans said they would scrap his two-year spending plan and start from scratch.

As I said in my column, Evers is true to form. This is an unserious budget from an unserious man. The legislature is right to ignore it and just start from scratch.


2124, 16 February 2023


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