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0801, 04 Jan 23

U.S. Will Take Years to Replace Arms Sent to Ukraine

It’s not just the incredible transfer of wealth from Americans to Ukraine. It’s the decades it will take for our nation to return to its previous military capability. Will our enemies take advantage of our weakness?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and China’s military build-up have US lawmakers shelling out billions to buy new missiles, aircraft, tanks and helicopters to support allies and prepare for future conflict. Including the most recent tranche of funding passed in December, Congress has enacted about $110 billion in aid to Ukraine, about $40 billion of which will go toward weapons transfers and purchases.


That’s putting stress on the makers of modern weaponry. Consider that some 1,600 Stinger missiles, used by individual soldiers to attack aircraft, were sent to Ukraine from American stockpiles, but the US stopped making them in 2003. Raytheon, its manufacturer, has restarted production, but doesn’t expect to deliver the weapons in large numbers for a year or more.




The issue isn’t so much that the US isn’t running out of weapons, but that its transfers to Ukraine are stretching its own stockpiles, which it needs to train and be prepared for unexpected conflict. For one example, experts estimate that the US has given more than a third of its stockpile of Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, which will take years to replenish.


0801, 04 January 2023


  1. Merlin

    What’s the shelf-life on stockpiled legacy hardware not produced since 2003? What’s the cost of interval refurbishment programs to keep all that legacy hardware functional? Things that go boom don’t have the lifespan of hammers and knives. Ukraine is likely getting our early model, near end of life hardware rather than our latest, greatest, upgraded anything.

    I’m curious whether the cost of shipping to Ukraine is cheaper than the cost of domestic end of life disposal.

  2. Mar

    I’m not worried about the arms and planes and other equipment.
    I am worried about the woke military and it’s apparent sole purpose to become liberal and woke.
    That has made the military much weaker.
    Now, the Marines are now considering to calling men and women by gender neutral pronouns.
    The Marines, who are supposed to be tough.
    But then again, Marines mean Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential

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