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2124, 29 Dec 22

Human Trafficking Pirates Work Border

It’s a humanitarian crisis with predators taking advantage of people who are trying to find any possible way to cheat their way into America. It’s also the intentional policy of the Biden Administration.

TAPACHULA, Mexico (AP) — When migrants arrive to the main crossing point into southern Mexico — a steamy city with no job opportunities, a place packed with foreigners eager to keep moving north — they soon learn the only way to cut through the red tape and expedite what can be a monthslong process is to pay someone.


With soaring numbers of people entering Mexico, a sprawling network of lawyers, fixers and middlemen has exploded in the country. At every step in a complicated process, opportunists are ready to provide documents or counsel to migrants who can afford to speed up the system — and who don’t want to risk their lives packed in a truck for a dangerous border crossing.


In nearly two dozen interviews with The Associated Press, migrants, officials and those in the business described a network operating at the limit of legality, cooperating with — and sometimes bribing — bureaucrats in Mexico’s immigration sector, where corruption is deeply ingrained, and at times working directly with smugglers.


Fixers have always found business with those passing through the country. But the increasing numbers over the last year and Mexico’s renewed efforts to control migration by accelerating document processing without clear criteria have made the work more prominent and profitable. The result is a booming business that often preys on a population of migrants who are largely poor, desperate and unable to turn elsewhere.

Legal papers, freedom from detention, transit permits, temporary visas: All are available for a price via the network. But even though the documents are legal and the cost can be several hundred dollars or more, migrants are at risk of arrest or return to their entry point as they make their way through the country, thanks to inconsistent policy enforcement and corrupt officials at checkpoints.


2124, 29 December 2022


  1. dad29

    There are serious rumors from serious people that Arizona (and its border) is ‘shadow-governed’ by the cartels. Keep your ear to the ground on this……

  2. Mar

    Without a doubt Dad.
    Why do you think Ducey back down so quickly about the shipping containers.
    Texas is still putting them up.
    The fraudently elect Democrat governor is already caving into the cartels.

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