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2025, 28 Dec 22

Migrants Lament Title 42 Ruling

Sorry, but my compassion is wearing very thin.

Word that the U.S. Supreme Court had effectively extended a nearly two-year health policy that has all but closed the border to many migrants swept through the camp, leaving dashed hopes and deep disappointment. Roodline Pierre, 28, among a large number of Haitians gathered around their phones, shook his head as he described how he had escaped a long list of hardships in Haiti with his wife and 14-month-old daughter. “We can’t go back,” Pierre said. “We left everything behind to be here.”




Pierre pointed to the squalid conditions around him. People were cooking meat on rusty grills and piles of wood. Children walked in and out of tents along the street. Trash and used toiletries were scattered around on an empty dirt lot.


“These are no conditions for children,” he said. “No person should live like this. We want a better life, and now we are stuck here for much longer.”

Remember that all of these people came to our border with the intention of crossing into our nation illegally. Their asylum claims are mostly bunk but they were counting on being released into the interior to disappear – if they were even caught. Many of them have already crossed through multiple countries where they could build a better life if their home countries are oppressive. I don’t doubt their hardships, but I also don’t think that their hardships impose an obligation on American taxpayers to alleviate them. We are a kind people, but we are not a bottomless pit of money and resources.


2025, 28 December 2022


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