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1906, 22 Dec 22

Washington Escalates War

Russia’s not wrong. The warmonger in the White House is making it very clear that this is America’s war against Russia and there is no end in sight.

But Russia’s US ambassador said these “provocative actions” would lead to an escalation with severe consequences.

Anatoly Antonov told Russian state media that Moscow was “trying to appeal to common sense at all levels”, but talk of delivering the Patriot missile system to Kyiv was “deeply disturbing”.




Moscow has complained that no calls for peace were heard during President Zelensky’s trip to Washington – with spokesman Dmitry Peskov describing this as proof that the US was fighting a proxy war with Russia.


Mr Peskov added that delivering Patriot missiles would not prevent Russia from “achieving its goals during the special military operation”.

“The talks in Washington have shown that neither Ukraine nor the United States is seeking peace. They are simply intent on continuing the fighting,” said Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova.


1906, 22 December 2022


  1. Mar

    Why would the US or Ukraine want peace now?
    Russia is getting it’s ass kicked, which is good for the US and Ukraine should not lose territory because of this war.
    What if Mexico invaded California and took it over (ok, bad example) if they invaded Texas. Would the US just sit there and let it happen?
    I highly doubt it.

  2. Jason

    Yawn. Anyone remember when our ambassador and our leaders said there would be “most dire consequences” if Russia invaded the Ukraine. More empty words from empty heads.

  3. Owen

    There have been dire consequences. We’re $100 billion further in debt.

  4. Mar

    “There have been dire consequences. We’re $100 billion further in debt.”
    Also, higher fuel prices, inflation.but the weapon companies are doing good

  5. dad29

    Russia is getting it’s ass kicked, which is good for the US and Ukraine should not lose territory because of this war.

    Not according to solid intel from NATO sources given to Col. MacGregor.

    (If Russia is ‘getting its ass kicked’ then why is Kiev without light and heat?)

  6. Mar

    Oh, gee Dad, like I have said, you have been so wrong about Russia and Ukraine as often as the fake doctor Fauci has been wrong about COVID.
    Putin is begging for a peace fire now.
    Russia has lost land they previously took over.
    They never took over the entire country which you had hoped for. Not even close.
    They have lost about 100,00 military personnel.
    Plus how many Generals and upper echelon officers of the Russian military.
    Plus all the equipment they have lost.
    Go on dreaming that Russia is winning the war.
    But you can keep kissing Putin’s butt all you want, but in the end, Ukraine is taking out the Russian military.

  7. dad29


    Please refill your meds scrip!

  8. dad29

    They never took over the entire country which you had hoped for.

    Prove that with a cite or retract it.

    you can keep kissing Putin’s butt

    Prove that with a cite or retract it.

  9. Mar

    It is very easy to prove your last point because you kiss Putin’s ass with love.
    You have been wrong every time
    Putin taking over the country. Nope.
    Russia winning the war. Nope.
    Russia is being agressive. Nope.
    Russia will be very strong during the winter. Nope
    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.
    You made a prediction on on your blog about 10 days from the time you wrote about what will happen to Ukraine. You are going to be wrong about that.
    All Russia is doing is lobbing missles into Ukraine and on the ground they are getting their butt beat.
    To bad you don’t admit that.

  10. dad29

    Well, I looked it up for you. Putin’s Duma will pass legislation which

    bans LGBT propaganda in the media, on the Internet, as well as in commercials, books and movies. Also, any calls for gender reassignment among minors on the Internet, in the media, and in books, audiovisual services, movies and commercials will be prohibited.

    In addition to that, movies containing material with propaganda promoting non-traditional sexual relations or preferences will be banned from screening….

    It may be that Putin is pushing this through with sincerity. In that case, YES, i admire him and the Duma.

  11. Mar

    Thank you for proving my point
    It is lip service.
    Like lip service of you kissing Putin’s butt.
    I guess you like dictators.
    And thugs.
    And incompetent leaders of Russia.

  12. dad29

    Or maybe YOU like trannies who groom kids.

  13. Mar

    Nah, I leave them for you so they can pleasure you..

  14. Mar

    I guess when you are proven wrong and you have to hide in shame, I guess you throw out insults.
    No, Dad, you are not.

  15. Tuerqas

    I have been saddened that for years and years liberals have been conflating religious belief with conservatism to the point where everyone accepts the exaggeration as truth now (proof again that all you have to do to make ‘truth’ is repeat it over and over). What does political conservatism have to do with LGBTQ anyway? It is not political conservatives that need to hate LGBTQ community, that is all religion and discriminators like Putin. There is some crossover, I guess. I think it is conservative not to accept having boys and girls going to the same shower after gym class in schools, for example (though I personally would hesitate to call that concern a religious one).

    If the religious right (otherwise known as the Republican Party) wants to stay relevant, they have to have a place for the conservatives that are not religious, very light on religion, or do not believe secular Government should have a religious right big brother always over their shoulder (when they are in power). As it is, the Republican Party is basically one of the concerns that the founding fathers were trying to prevent, a theocracy, and an ineffective one as well. Sure they were specifically trying to prevent a single religion from bullying others, but had they foreseen it, I think they would have been equally against trying to enforce specific religious mores on all of the people.

    All of the political conservatism that used to make Republicans ‘conservative’ are gone and only religious conservatism remains as designed by the Democratic Party. There is no fiscal conservatism, no pro-small Government save in lip service around election campaigns, not even pro business save concessions to corporations and CEOs. All that is left of the Republican Party is religion and they seem to be floundering more and more. So much so that even a dementia patient can be elected and likely re-elected simply because he isn’t the choice of religious folk trying to push religious values on a lot of people who don’t want it.

  16. dad29

    T, your analysis of the “religious Republican right” is so ’70’s………

    It’s wrong these days. The Republican Party is consciously IR-religious.

    By the way, what about those “morals” Government enforces, like laws against murder and theft? Since those happen to be “religious” laws, shall we do away with them?

    Egads, man. You’re beginning to sound like MAR. Get a grip.

  17. Tuerqas

    Read it again Dad. I said in the media, Republicans have been characterized by Dem platforms to the point where I think even many Republicans believe their leaders are zealots. Many political attack ads against Republicans targets a religious belief. You can say they are irreligious, but that is not the public perception, in my opinion. Especially after the last election where most attack ads were abortion related. The non-religious approach is to weigh rights vs mother and baby. The religious approach says all human living tissue is sacred. No Republicans were using any rights arguments that I heard.

    And what the hell is up with your constant “morals=religion” inanity? Get over it. Secular laws in the US start with people having the right to do most things that do not harm others. Since when does murder or theft fall under religion? Hammurabi’s codes were not religion. Morals relating to interactions between people can, believe it or not, be regulated under the inalienable rights aegis illustrated in the constitution by secular offices. By your portrayal, the police forces around the western world are all religious organizations protecting morals rather than secular offices dedicated to protecting rights. Religion does not own morals and US laws against murder are not religious laws.

  18. dad29

    The second graf of your post is NOT qualified as ‘media-generated.’ It’s all you.

    And then you go off the deep end with “….all human living tissue is sacred.” Really? Show me ONE cite stating that. Just ONE.

    Umnnhhh.,.,…the secular laws you brag about are copies of the 10 Commandments, less a few such as the 1st, 2nd, and the ‘covet’ ones. RECENTLY, secular laws prohibiting adultery and homosexual practice have been eliminated, as was the secular law against artificial contraception. Further, the Sunday “blue laws” were derived directly from the Third commandment.

    Your Libertarian-founded take is grossly ahistorical and–by the way–totally inadequate to govern a great society. Not for nothing did Adams observe that the Constitution was made ‘for a moral and religious people and is wholly inadequate for governance of any other’. The “no harm” Libertarian flap-jaw ends in contradiction and, by the way, treats people as objects at its core.

    No, friend, you’re off the road by several hundred yards.

  19. Tuerqas

    Why are we considered to have a secular Government rather than a Theocracy? How is it not a Theocracy if all our laws and morals come from the old testament?

  20. Mar

    “Egads, man. You’re beginning to sound like MAR. Get a grip.”
    I’ll take that as a compliment as you have been proven wrong so many times on the war in Ukraine.
    How is that 10 day prediction working out for you?
    Looks like you were wrong again

  21. dad29

    How is it not a Theocracy if all our laws and morals come from the old testament?

    Priests are not in charge, nor rabbis, nor ministers. Was that a serious question?

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