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1922, 05 Nov 22

Biden Calls Dissenters “Idiots”

Uniter in Chief and whatnot.

A group of protesters gathered outside the event, carrying signs that read “Socialism Sucks” and “Vote Pro-Life.” Another sign read, “Where’s Nancy,” words allegedly spoken during the incident where Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, was attacked with a hammer.

“I love those signs when I came in,” Biden told his audience after defending Social Security and Medicare as a “promise” made to generations of Americans. “Socialism. Give me a break, what idiots.”


1922, 05 November 2022


  1. Merlin

    The lefty jobs program for mostly peaceful protesting resumes late afternoon tomorrow. Arson and looting optional, of course.

  2. dad29

    Some of us may be called upon to keep loved ones from grave bodily damage or death.

    Only costs about 75 cents or $1.00…..

  3. Mar

    When Senile Joe Biden is walked towards the mirror by his nurse, he looks in the mirror and sees an idiot in the mirror.

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