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2116, 11 Sep 22

Credit Cards to Start Tracking Gun Purchases

We continue to see the expansion of corporate/government collusion to implement an invasive surveillance and coercion state. I will be making my purchases with cash.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approved creation of the merchant code on Friday following pressure from gun-control activists who say it will help track suspicious weapons purchases.

“Following ISO’s decision to establish a new merchant category code, Visa will proceed with next steps, while ensuring we protect all legal commerce on the Visa network in accordance with our long-standing rules,” Visa said in a statement.

Mastercard said on Friday that following ISO’s approval, “we now turn our focus to how it will be implemented by merchants and their banks as we continue to support lawful purchases on our network while protecting the privacy and decisions of individual cardholders.”

American Express said when ISO develops a new code, the company will work with third-party processors and partners on implementation.

The code will show where an individual spends money but not what items were purchased.

It is worth point out, again, that this is yet another anti-2nd Amendment effort that will no stem crime. Crooks don’t buy their guns with a credit card.


2116, 11 September 2022


  1. penquin

    Dave Ramsey is gonna have an absolute fit, if he hasn’t done so already.

  2. dad29

    George W Bush is the godfather of this little intrusion–aided by James Senlessbrenner.

  3. Jason

    I’m not sure this is as big of a deal as I’ve been reading about. It’s only a bad thing of the government violates our expectations of privacy and starts compiling reports of large gun purchases using this new code. Oh wait, who am I kidding…. the government does it every day to every one.

    Hey, maybe that data could be protected to only be accessed only after the highly secure, highly reliable, highly regarded FISA system. Damn, I did it again?

    Well, in short, it’s not a big deal, because law abiding citizens are fucked three ways from Thursday already.

  4. Jason

    Oh, and a valid point here… if I go buy a 10,000 gun safe via my Amex, am I going to end up on some opaque and shrouded watch list? I mean, if I am a responsible gun owner, and want to get a high quality safe to store my guns… what the fuck?

  5. Jason

    Sorry, that was meant to be a 10,000 dollar gun safe… not a gun safe that could hold 10,000 guns :)

  6. Tuerqas

    >Crooks don’t buy their guns with a credit card.

    Sure they do…stolen ones.

  7. Jason

    >Sure they do…stolen ones.

    Or their M.O. is to meet with owners selling on Marketplace or Craigslist… then steal the guns. Oh and then the governor appoints to them to one of his committees. Aundray Evans.

  8. penquin

    Aundray Evans, 24, of Milwaukee, was a member of the 19-member [Governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission]. After questions from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the appointment, the governor’s office said Monday that the appointment was withdrawn.

    “Mr. Evans’ appointment came at the recommendation of local juvenile justice advocates to ensure the state satisfied criteria required under federal law,” said Evers spokeswoman Britt Cudaback. “As we recently became aware that Mr. Evans has pending charges outside the scope of the juvenile justice system, Mr. Evans’ appointment has been withdrawn to allow those proceedings to conclude.”

    Cudaback said in order to receive certain federal funds for juvenile justice improvement, federal law requires every state to establish a panel comprised of more than 20% of members who are under the age of 28 and at least three members who have been or are currently under the jurisdiction of the juvenile justice system.

    That is how Evans was chosen

  9. dad29

    not a gun safe that could hold 10,000 guns :)

    DAMN. I thought I could rent 5,000 slots for my collection.

  10. Jason

    >That is how Evans was chosen

    Yes yes, that’s common knowledge and I knew it when I posted what I did. What’s your point in bringing it up? Was there anything factually incorrect about what I wrote? No, KTHANXBIE.

  11. penquin

    Of all his different schticks, the Gatekeeping Valley Girl is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

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