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1926, 01 Sep 22

President Threatens Opponents While Flanked By Marines

The Great Divider


1926, 01 September 2022


  1. Merlin

    What kind of dumbfuckery is this? Since when do Marines…. in dress blues… in the presence of the CiC…. pose with their gloved hands covering the eagle, anchor, and globe of their bright work? Geez.

  2. MjM

    They are not suppose to be present for political campaign speeches in the first place.

  3. Merlin

    The whole Sith Lord theme was a terrible optic… in a junior high theater production sort of way. There is absolutely nothing they fail to fuck up.

  4. penquin

    MSM & the Old Guard isn’t too happy with the way he leaned into the whole “Dark Brandon” meme, but the twitter/reddit/tic-tok crowd is eating it up with a spoon and asking for seconds.

  5. Mark Hoefert

    Best take I saw on Twitter so far today:

    God knows Biden is my main man, gotta love ya Joe, but JC, even I was creeped out by that speech!”…Satan

  6. MjM

    Babblin’ Joe last night: “Donald Trump and MAGA republicans are a threat to the very soul of this country.”

    Babblin’ Joe today: ” I don’t consider any Trump supporter to be a threat.

    Babblin’ Joe every morning: “Where am I?”

  7. Mar

    Remember when President Trump went to the church after some DC riots and woke Gen. Miley went with him and the libs had a hissy fit because Miley was there?
    So, what has changed?
    Where is the fake general Miley apologizing, like when did with Trump?
    No where to be seen

    Probably trying to figure out how to weaken the military even more.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    Reminded me of the old Soviet Red Square….or as leftists call it “Good times”, or “the good ‘ole days!”

  9. dad29

    Not Red Square, Kevin. Nuremburg. That Reichsadler background nails it down.

  10. Dark Alley

    A scifi movie nut would agree the characters: Darth Sidious or Adam Sutler.

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