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1136, 30 Jun 22

SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Biden on Immigration

While the policy is abhorrent, cruel, and destructive to the nation, I think the court got it right on the law. Essentially, one administration should be able to change discretionary policy that a previous administration made. This ruling will be important in 2025. Also, I agree with Kavanaugh in his consent opinion:

One final note: The larger policy story behind this case is the multi-decade inability of the political branches to provide DHS with sufficient facilities to detain noncitizens who seek to enter the United States pending their immigration proceedings. But this Court has authority to address only the legal issues before us. We do not have authority to end the legislative stalemate or to resolve the underlying policy problems


1136, 30 June 2022


  1. Merlin

    Actually, SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Constitution. Getting it right on the law is their only job. Hopefully they can maintain a consistency that thoroughly discourages judicial activism in the lower courts and forces the gutless congressional invertebrates to finally do the jobs they were elected to do. A girl can dream.

  2. Jason

    Owen I said the same thing about this ruling the other day. Thats the difference between conservatives and liberals. We can accept that we don’t like the outcome of a ruling without crying and labeling honest organizations as extremist.

    Even the speaker of the House is not as understanding and grown up as you and I.

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