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0905, 28 May 22

Purchasing and protecting our liberty

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. I know that it usually runs on Tuesdays, but with the Memorial Day Holiday, they decided to run it today. Here’s a part:

It is difficult to view such things without being filled with appreciation for the liberties we enjoy, and the sacrifice made by so many Americans to secure those liberties. It is also difficult to not think of the millions of Americans who stand watch today willing to give all of their tomorrows to secure the blessings of today.


Such sacrifices by the dead impose responsibilities on the living. One of the admonishments made throughout the museum is that the siege of Yorktown was not the end of the revolution, but the beginning. The liberties won with bullet and blade must be preserved and expanded with voice and vote.


With the smell of liberty still filling my nostrils, I reflect with remorse on how easily too many of us give up the liberties secured for us by the precious blood of so many Americans. Too often we are unwilling to endure even discomfort or incur offense for the sake of liberty even though it is a small price compared to the price paid by so many others.


We must use our voices and votes to preserve our liberty on every front. When we read or hear things that cause offense or discomfort, we must respond with robust debate and not resort to using the power of government or technology to silence those with whom we disagree. We must return to the national ethic that we may disagree, but we will defend to the death each other’s right to speak freely.


When evil people commit violence, we must not react by restricting the civil rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. The story of mankind is the story of the conflict between the individual yearning for liberty and the collective power of authority to crush it. An armed citizen is the last and best defense against the tyranny of government whether they wear coats of red or blue.


We must ensure that every American citizen can cast their vote. Government without consent of the governed is illegitimate and innately tyrannical. Securing the right to vote also means ensuring that every vote cast is legitimate and counted.


And so with every natural right, we Americans must first seek to protect those rights from people who mean to restrict them. Our overriding bias in public discourse and public policy must be on the side of more freedom — not less. Yes, a free society is messy, but it is far preferable to orderly oppression. The price we pay for our liberty is vigilance, discomfort, frustration, anger, and compromise, but it is far less costly than the blood of heroes. Rights surrendered with ink are often only recovered with blood.


This Memorial Day, we remember and thank those Americans who paid the ultimate price for our liberty. May their sacrifice weigh heavy on our hearts and give us strength to protect the liberties their sacrifice secured.


0905, 28 May 2022


  1. MHMaley

    Liberty in pursuit of guns , yes .

    Liberty for women over their own bodies , oh no!

  2. Jason

    Liberty in the pursuit of defending myself and protecting the innocent , yes .

    Liberty for a women to murder unborn , oh no!

  3. dad29

    As usual, Maley posts “non-thinking” bumper sticker.

    That baby is NOT “her” body.

    But she DID have the liberty to keep her knees together, ya’know.

  4. MHMaley

    Yeah , men get to have it open legged or closed in a rape. and then she has to carry it to term to please Dad 29 in his basement .

    Women , take it and reproduce .
    We’re firm on that

    After that , F off !

    You can put F’ off on a bumper sticker ..
    from me .

  5. Mar

    “Yeah , men get to have it open legged or closed in a rape. and then she has to carry it to term to please Dad 29 in his basement .”
    What a dumbass statement. Now you are entering the special education stage of comments.

  6. Jason

    >Yeah , men get to have it open legged or closed in a rape. and then she has to carry it to term to please Dad 29 in his basement .

    So is this the only objection you have to overturning RvW? If there was a rape clause, maybe where the victim is willing to fully cooperate with a prosecutor, you would then be “satisfied”?

    Based on your previous comments, No. You’re just focusing on one tiny part of this to be able to say you love allowing any women at any time the choice to vaccum out a baby.

  7. dad29

    He thinks in bumper-sticker. It’s what Lefties do!

  8. dad29

    Notice he can’t argue with the DNA ‘whose body’? He’ll have to rip off half of his bumper sticker……

  9. Tuerqas

    Oh, I don’t know, here is Dad29 on a previous post:
    >However, maintaining life thru ‘extraordinary means’ such as endless machine-breathing is not morally required.
    Is not the mother keeping the child alive in her body not an ‘extraordinary means’? No one commenting here can do it…Medicine cannot do it from conception, yet. (We are all male here right now, right?)
    You can religiously believe that abortion is a sin, but aren’t sins between God and the sinner?
    Maybe the choice is one of the tests for that woman that God required and taking the choice from her away is flouting the word of God.
    Secular law can define abortion as murder and then impose penalties upon it, but I still argue that there is a question and clearly a disagreement on whether abortion is murder as the baby, among other reasons, still requires extraordinary means to live.
    To me this means the argument is really only about when a baby is a distinct different life form with secular rights, and scientific evidence suggests that the extraordinary means that Mother’s use to keep their baby alive (that no one else can do for her), continues until science can extract the baby from the Mother and have it live. Isn’t that then when secular law should kick in? When the baby could live on its own?

  10. dad29

    You’re moving into John Foust territory, T., and it’s surprising to me. The baby is ALWAYS distinct from the mother. That’s science. NATURE sees to it that the baby is nourished by the mother.

    Your claim that NATURE is “extraordinary means” is….to be kind….baffling. Machinery is not “nature.”

    Look, friend: if you want to justify abortion, don’t argue about it here. Just go ahead and abort away.

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