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0618, 31 May 22

Knudson Resigns from WEC


Former GOP state Rep. Dean Knudson Wednesday announced his resignation from the Elections Commission once a replacement is in place.


Knudson, appointed to the commission by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, said during a late afternoon meeting it has become clear to him that he’s no longer effective in his role as a Republican on the body.


He moved — and the commission approved — putting off selecting a new chair until a replacement is selected.


Knudson said he wasn’t interested in the role.


“It’s been made clear to me from the highest level of the Republican Party of Wisconsin that there’s a deep desire that I not be the chair. That’s fine,” Knudson said without offering specifics.

Knudson has been bad at this job. It curious, however, how his resignation came about. There have been calls for his removal and replacement from base Republicans and various Republican leaders since early 2020. It was early in 2020 when it became clear that the WEC was going to ignore laws, overstep its authority, and do so in favor of Democrats whenever possible.

And yet… those calls went unanswered until now. Knudson clearly felt that he should stay in the role because someone in the GOP leadership was telling him to do so. Vos? Of course. Who else? And who finally changed their mind? And why did it take so long?


0618, 31 May 2022

1 Comment

  1. Merlin

    Well, let’s be honest here.

    Vos has been saying all along he doesn’t think Knudson has done anything wrong, which to me is much the same as Vos saying he doesn’t think HE’S done anything wrong. Just how likely is it that we get a replacement that will outperform Knudson? We can certainly hope for a serious improvement. Then again, we could be months down the road before we finally realize it’s just another Vos proxy.

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