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0740, 12 Apr 22

Evers shows support for sloppy and fraudulent elections

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. Here’s a part:

Last week, Gov. Tony Evers reminded us of what a terrible governor he is though a string of vetoes upholding his support of policies that lead to higher crime and dumber kids. Before the week had ended, Evers used his veto pen again to affirm his support for policies that enable vote fraud and disenfranchise every legal voter.


While some political junkies might give Evers some latitude for vetoing good bills for political advantage, he did it at the expense of good governance and a better Wisconsin. He is willing to have another year of sloppy, questionable, possibly fraudulent elections as long as he thinks it will benefit his political ambitions.




Governor Evers has supported the wholesale subversion of Wisconsin’s election laws during the pandemic because he thinks it had benefitted Democrats like himself. His continued support for policies that enable and encourage sloppy and fraudulent election practices is a statement on his character.


0740, 12 April 2022


  1. Jason

    Hey, the bland grey man ran his campaign on Bipartisanship and Working with the Other Party…. and has repeated it every time a microphone has accidently been left on near him. The same guy who has set records for the number of bills Vetoed. Yeah, Room Temp Oatmeal Evers, working for all of Wisconsin….. not.

  2. Mar

    Sounds a lot like Senile Joe Biden. Except the vetoes. But that will start next year, hopefully.

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