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0615, 11 Apr 22

Kleefisch Promises to Back the Badge

Yes, yes, and yes. I would argue that more police are useless if we do not actually lock up the criminals they arrest. Judicial reform must go hand in glove with these initiatives.

The Republican then outlined her plan to help boost law enforcement in the state; promising that if elected she would hire up to 1,000 additional police officers while also pushing bail and sentencing reform.


“We will do it in our first executive budget,” said Kleefisch. “We will use our Wisconsin State Patrol to surge where violent crime is surging and we do not yet have enough police recruits.”


She promised to fill those jobs both with those who are up and coming through the academies and by aggressively recruiting officers that may have been let go in other states due to vaccine mandates. “Let’s thrown down the welcome mat here in the great state of Wisconsin to make sure they take our great Wisconsin jobs in law enforcement. Let’s do it starting in January.”


Kleefisch also promised to use executive powers to fire Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm. Many Republicans have criticized him for allowing Darrell Brooks to walk on a low bond for charges that he tried to run over the mother of his child. That was just days before he’s said to have driven an SUV into the route of the Waukesha Christmas Parade last November. Six people died, and dozens were injured in that incident.


“Those deaths, those injuries are to be laid directly at the feet of the Milwaukee County District Attorney who said he knew that his policy of setting low or no bail would lead to people dying. Rather than hang his head in shame he continues to run on these policies,” said Kleefisch.


“It is time for a Governor to actually back the badge. We must celebrate, we must respect, and we must stand with those who stand for us on the thin blue line,” she added.


0615, 11 April 2022

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  1. Merlin

    Flushing Chisholm would be a nice feel-good move, but he’d only be replaced by a like-minded drone. Kleefisch can’t touch the legion of misfits who Milwaukee voters repeatedly refuse to replace. Those voters are apparently content with the state of affairs in Milwaukee, so leave them to the consequences of their choices. Allocating Milwaukee County increased funding would only enable them to continue to fail with better funding.

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