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0854, 04 Apr 22

Russian Atrocities

No matter how civilized we think we have become, humans always return to barbarism. It is one of the many reasons that I vehemently defend the 2nd Amendment.

The BBC’s Yogita Limaye is on the ground reporting on new evidence of atrocities emerging in areas around Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, after Russian forces pulled out.

She took the photo below of a shallow grave in the village of Motyzhyn, where four people allegedly shot dead by Russian forces were left. We have blurred parts of the picture.

Three of the bodies have been identified as members of one family, including the head of the village, Olha Sohnenko. The fourth body has not been identified.

Yogita is on her way to Bucha – a town where the discovery of many dead civilians has shocked the world, and seen Russia accused of war crimes.



0854, 04 April 2022


  1. dad29

    That’s the report. But it would not surprise me in the least to learn that the Azov Battalion did that work and points to the Russians as the perps. It has been said that Azov is willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. IIRC, there’s a video from Mariupol victims making it clear that Azov killed a lot of refugees–for FLEEING the town.

  2. Mar

    Sorry Dad, but I disagree strongly.
    Are there bad guys in Ukraine but not that many.
    Like the bombing of the theater that was bombed by the Russians and killed about 300 mostly women and children.
    Or the bombing of the maternity hospital. Or the killing in cold blood hundreds of civilians.
    This my theory: Russia is having their ass handed to them on a silver. They are desperate and frustrated and they have to do something, anything to show they are trying. And if civilians get in the way or are seen, we’ll tough luck.
    As far as the video, could it Rusdian soldiers dressing up as the Azoz?

  3. Merlin

    What we’re seeing are the results of low-tech, dumb, blunt force warfare. Guided munitions, at least as we employ them, have been conspicuously absent for the most part. Cutting edge stuff is nowhere to be found. All of this carnage appears to be old school, scorched earth stuff.

    This offers up a whole new set of questions.

  4. dad29

    Sorry, Mar: you cannot offer proof positive that “the theatre was bombed”, nor exactly WHO hit that hospital–or more important, why. Turns out Azov was using the hospital as an ammo supply house, just like the theatre.

    Feel free to disagree, of course. Also feel free to “know” that the Russkies are losing this war. Plenty of “experts” out there tell you exactly what the Russkie war-plan is, you know. Is that because Putin showed it to them in advance?

  5. Mar

    Actually, Dad, you have no proof that Ukraine wS involved in the bombing.
    On your blog, you supplied a link, Gateway Pundit, I believe, and it was just 1 person who supposedly saw Ukraine soldiers around the hospitals and no pictures.
    I need just a little more proof than that.

  6. Mar

    As I have told the great Late Pat, Twitter is not usually a good source of news, probably 99% of the time.

  7. Merlin

    >Sorry, Mar: you cannot offer proof positive that “the theatre was bombed”, nor exactly WHO hit that hospital–or more important, why. Turns out Azov was using the hospital as an ammo supply house, just like the theatre.

    Palestinians have been using somewhat similar tactics against Israel forever. They launch from mosques, hospitals, schools, malls, etc., hoping to incite return fire from the Israelis. Hospital basements and mosques/churches make for great C&C facilities or weapons depots if your opponents deem such facilities strictly off limits. Using civilians as shields is not uncommon. Neither is acting on bad human intelligence. That’s how white vans full of children get droned and infant formula factories get obliterated. Strict rules of engagement certainly mitigate some of the carnage, but not everyone conforms to American sensibilities regarding rules of engagement. Adding armed civilians as combatants fogs whatever rules you have in place even further.

  8. Mar

    So, the main argument is that didn’t hear an airplane.
    What BS.
    First, it could have been a drone, which are very quiet.
    It also could have been a bomber from medium to .high altitude. It could even Bern a helicopter.
    And they were inside a building, that muffled the noise. Plus, the bomb could have been shot miles away, so no sound of an airplane.
    Now, I know you were not in the Air Force nor lived close to an Air Foece base. I’ve done both. I lived across the street from Nellis. Yes, you can here the fighter jets and bombers take off, but there planes that you don’t hear.
    As far as drones, I’ve watched them at Creech AFB and you cannot hear them even if they are a hundred feet away.
    So, I call BS.

  9. Merlin

    At this point I don’t know how you tell the non-uniformed players apart without a program/scorecard. There are pro-Russian Ukrainian civilians in the fight, pro-Russian mercenaries, pro-Ukraine civilians, pro-Ukraine mercenaries, and former-Russian-soldiers-turned-pro-Ukraine-fighters. All sides are dishing out street justice to civilians suspected of being opposition sympathizers, spies, and/or collaborators. Humanity at its worst.

    Post-action pictures and video only tell part of a story. It doesn’t tell you whether that 20′ crater in the hospital courtyard was from an aerial bomb or a parked truck bomb. Anyone close enough to have witnessed the bombing live isn’t around to tell their firsthand account. What’s left is second or third hand supposition. Forensic evidence in a war zone? Not gonna happen. So we’re left to decide which lie-for-a-living media sources we want to believe.

  10. Mar

    You’re right, Merlin, probably since the British Redcoats, soldiers have been good at hiding their identity and going undercover.

  11. dad29

    The Russkie Ambassador to the UN made a statement there which you can find quoted at this post:

    Curious, no? The Russkies asked the Security Council to launch an immediate investigation of the Bucha story. The British have BLOCKED that request.


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