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2001, 01 Apr 22

Government Mandates More Expensive Cars with Less Power

This is nucking futz.

The rule will require passenger cars, trucks and vans produced for the model year 2026 to average 49 miles per gallon, the Department of Transportation said. It will also increase fuel efficiency 8% annually for model years 2024-2025 and 10% annually for the model year 2026.


2001, 01 April 2022


  1. Mar

    And it makes the cars more dangerous.
    What were the dumbass liberals saying during the pandemic? If you just can save one life, it will be worth the sacrifice
    So liberals, decide, more dangerous cars or the fake science of climate change.

  2. dad29

    Mar, old pal, you’ll have to prove your contention “more dangerous.”

    10 years ago I would have agreed with you, using the ‘weight matters’ theory.

    But the airbags/seatbelt systems are so sophisticated these days that the percentage of fatalities/accident has gone down over the last 20 years or so.

    Could it reverse with even more weight reduction? Possible. But since the objective of Our New Masters is that ‘you will own nothing and be happy,’ it’s not likely to matter.

  3. Mar

    If all things being equal, I would think that a larger heavier car would absorb and disperse more energy than the smaller more fuel efficient cars.
    You are right, there have been many improvements in car safety and the cars today are safer than the cars we drove as kids. You get killed in an accident in the old cars, after sending you to the morgue, they just wiped off the dash board and seell the car to the next driver.

  4. dad29

    You would be very surprised to learn how much weight has disappeared from cars, crossovers, and light trucks since the models of 2000. In a crash going against a 1955 Chrysler, today’s cars would lose big–but the occupants would probably survive (!) They’d be injured, sure, but….

    Since the ’55 Chrysler did not have seat belts, the driver of that car may sustain more and more severe injuries than those in a ’12 Malibu.

  5. Mar

    Cars are certainly safer than before, but you are asking to increase the mpg by about 50%.
    You’re going to have find a way to do it. Smaller engines. Reduce weight. Smaller cars.
    Them what about SUVs? Pick up trucks. If liberals had their way, we would be all driving Smart cars. Fun to tip over but for driving, especially long distance, not so much.

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