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0646, 17 Feb 22

Ilhan Omar is Right

Blind squirrel and whatnot.

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has come out defending an Ottawa shop owner who made a donation to the Freedom Convoy in Canada.


Omar said journalists should not be reporting and publicizing the names of people who made ‘insignificant’ donations.


Omar tweeted in response to a newspaper editor from the Ottawa Citizen who had shared a report about Stella Luna Gelato Cafe in Ottawa, which was forced to close down after receiving continual threats.




‘I fail to see why any journalist felt the need to report on a shop owner making such a insignificant donation rather than to get them harassed. It’s unconscionable and journalists need to do better,’ Omar said in the tweet on Wednesday evening.


‘I wish journalists wrote the articles they think they are writing. Sorry to say it, but your stories aren’t always balanced and often have a clear political bias. Calling it out isn’t harassment or journalist bashing. Everyone has a right to critique your story and its merits,’ Omar wrote hours later on Wednesday night.



0646, 17 February 2022


  1. Tuerqas

    “Everyone has a right to critique your story and its merits,’ Omar wrote hours later on Wednesday night.”

    Not in Canada, lefty world USA or anywhere the media is now a puppet of the State.

  2. Merlin

    Sounds like Omar has come to the sudden realization that what can be done for you can also be done to you. Criticizing Canadian matters is easy messaging without directly offending her American lefty loonies. Maybe a change of tone will help her ride the coming political sea change a bit easier.

  3. Mark Hoefert

    Maybe a change of tone will help her ride the coming political sea change a bit easier.

    She got the memo. I get free articles from the New York TImes.

    Today’s topic: Why are liberal candidates losing elections in liberal cities?

    An earthquake

    Elections to the San Francisco Board of Education are not normally national bellwethers. The city is a proud symbol of liberalism, not a swing district, and school-board elections — as Thomas Fuller, The Times’s San Francisco bureau chief, notes — “have for decades been obscure sideshows to the more high-profile political contests.”
    But the recall election this week that ousted three board members wasn’t about only local politics. It also reflected a trend: Many Americans, even in liberal places, seem frustrated by what they consider a leftward lurch from parts of the Democratic Party and its allies. This frustration spans several issues, including education, crime and Covid-19.

    Consider these election results from last year, all in politically blue places:
    In Minneapolis, voters rejected a ballot measure to replace the city’s Police Department with an agency that would have focused less on law enforcement.
    • In Seattle, voters elected Ann Davison — a lawyer who had recently quit the Democratic Party because she thought it had moved “so far left” — as the city’s top prosecutor. Davison beat a candidate who wanted to abolish the police.
    • In New York, voters elected as their mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat who revels in defying liberal orthodoxy. As a candidate, Adams promised to crack down on crime. Since taking office, he has signaled his frustration with Covid restrictions.
    • In the Democratic-leaning suburbs of both New Jersey and Virginia, Republican candidates for governor did surprisingly well. Several postelection analyses — including one by aides to Phil Murphy, New Jersey’s Democratic governor, who narrowly survived — concluded that anger over Covid policies played a central role.

    Look to more easing of mask & vaccination mandates.

    And no MSM coverage of the daily running average of COVID deaths being 2000. Talk about science denial.

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