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1630, 29 Jan 22

Lightfoot’s Failed Leadership

Chicago is a violent mess.

Those texts revealed a mayor with a hands-on management style who repeatedly snapped at critics, colleagues and even political allies. She said one alderman was “full of crap,” told another he was “bush league” and told Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a fellow Democrat, that his administration was being “petty.”


As a gay Black woman who grew up in Ohio and had never before held elective office, Lightfoot stood apart from previous mayors, and her inauguration in 2019 was seen by some as a potential moment of change for the city. She won all 50 City Council wards in the runoff election while decrying corruption and the infamous Chicago political machine. She also vowed to address the racial and economic disparities that have long defined Chicago, where the downtown and North Side have often prospered while disinvestment and violence have plagued many neighborhoods on the South and West Sides.


But Lightfoot’s tenure has been shaped by a series of crises, some within her control, others not. About 800 people were killed in the city last year, the most in a generation. Downtown has struggled to bounce back from the pandemic. And clashes with the unions representing police officers and teachers have proved destabilizing.


1630, 29 January 2022


  1. Mar

    Beetlejuice has been a disaster for Chicago.
    Not only have murders have gone up but shootings, robberies and most violent crime has gone up.
    Even places that used to be safe are no longer safe because thugs are branching out to places like the Loop and Miracle mile.
    Beetlejuice blames the Cook County DA but it’s more than that. She has no respect for the cops and they respect her. When the teachers staged an illegal strike, instead of playing hardball, and go to court to get the teachers back in the classroom, she only negotiated with them, the teachers still got paid and it screwed the parents and kids of the district.

  2. Mar

    Oh, and Beetlejuice will probably lose the Bears to the suburbs.

  3. dad29

    Groot is being shafted by the OTHER half of the Democrat Party, as the Chicago cops are happy to tell you. When she defeated The Machine, it was only at the ballot box. In that way, she’s like Trump–getting knifed by her own Administration deep-state and picking fights with the wrong people, to boot.

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