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0644, 28 Jan 22

Evers Wants to Use Tax Surplus for Reelection Bribes

Um, no. I opposed it when Walker did it and I oppose it now. Tax surpluses should be given back to the people who pay taxes in the form of tax cuts or refunds. Otherwise, it’s just spending. Taking tax dollars and giving it to people who did not pay the taxes is the entire basis of government spending.

MADISON (AP) — Democratic Gov. Tony Evers unveiled an election year plan Thursday that would send $150 refund checks to every Wisconsin resident, bolster funding for K-12 schools and help defray child care costs.


But don’t go spending those refund checks just yet.


Evers’ plan would have to be approved by the Republican- controlled Legislature to take effect. Republican leaders on Wednesday said they want to use the money for a tax cut in 2023 — when they hope there is a Republican governor.


Republican Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu flatly rejected the proposal Thursday.


‘‘Senate Republicans will not gamble with a projected state surplus to fund Tony Evers’ re-election gimmicks,’’ he said in a statement.


0644, 28 January 2022


  1. MjM

    The entire surplus should be refunded only to tax payers. And now. Not slated for future (and likely temporary) tax cuts. The legislature should be cutting taxes anyway, without silly regard to it being a kind of “payback”.

    bolster funding for K-12 schools

    Nothing more than payoff to the liberal education indoctrination society. WI already spends $15,000 per kid in K-12 (’20-’21). Phoney nEvers first budget included $570 million in additional school spending (he wanted $1.4Billion), a year after local referendums already put $244 million more into the pockets of schools.

    With declining enrollment and bloated administrations, schools need zero increases in funding. Indeed, school spending should be cut.

  2. Jason

    Not just bolstering funding for K-12 Schools… but giving away 750 Million more to them…. 750 + 570…. that’s awfully close to the 1.4 Billion he really wanted. What a coincidence that this unimaginative turd (just like Leroy from Duh Nort) chose that amount.

  3. MjM

    30,000. That’s the drop in enrollment in WI k-12 schools between 2019 and 2021.

    The $750 million you mention equals $921 per student, or on average, $22,104 per classroom. Of course, none of that money will actually reach the student or classroom, as continued declines reading and math proficiencies have already proven of past fund increases. It will go to redecorating administrative offices and hiring more diversity personnel and scores of other useless BS. And an important thing to remember is that once the spending begins it doesn’t end.

    Even when there aren’t surplus funds to waste.

  4. Mar

    Well, considering that a lot of the surplus from the Feds Covid give aways to states and government, I should get a dollar or 2 from it.

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