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1958, 27 Jan 22

Gas Leaks

Sorry, but if I own a B&B and find you wrapping the room in plastic, I’m throwing your butt out, Dexter.

The researchers examined 53 home kitchens in California — many in bed and breakfasts they rented. They sealed most of the rooms in plastic tarps and then measured emissions when the stoves were working and when they were not.


1958, 27 January 2022


  1. MjM

    Seeing your headline, Owen, I thought you were writing about Swalwell.

    So, these climatistas sealed off tiny kitchens in rented rooms, waited while the gases concentrated, then counted parts per billion.. 0.000001%, to be precise.

    Imagine! In a tiny sealed room they found nitrous oxide gas counts exceeding outdoor standards!

    If you stuck Eric Swalwell in a tiny sealed room you’d get the same results.

  2. Mar

    And the same with Senile Joe, when he has one of those number 2 moments in his pants.

  3. jsr

    If they wanted to accurately measure the emissions from a gas stove, why would they not do this in a lab? If they wanted to measure this on used stoves, just buy some – it will be cheaper and more accurate than what they actually did.

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