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2039, 19 Jan 22

Democrats Fail to have Federal Government Seize Control of Elections


Senate Democrats failed to advance their voting rights legislation on Wednesday in yet another major blow to President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda.


Republicans blocked the measure with the filibuster mechanism in a 49-51 vote when Democrats needed 60 votes in order to end debate and initiate a vote on the legislation that would overhaul U.S. voting laws.

I know that the Democrats’ narrative is that the filibuster is somehow evil, but it seems that they didn’t even have a simple majority.



2039, 19 January 2022


  1. Mar

    Kristin Sinema is my senator and I probably disagree with on 90% of votes, especially since she used to belong to the Greeb Party, but if the election were held today, I would vote for her.
    It’s funny that liberals will primary her with a more liberal person. Even if she lost, a radical senate canidate could never win in Arizona.

  2. Merlin

    The failure of yet another lefty hustle is going to mean serious trouble under the big tent. Biden/Schumer/Pelosi are simply not making good on the demands of their more radical constituents. Promises were made and deals were cut with too many competing radical factions. Compromise is still being sold as a solution acceptable to all when these days reality is it too often means nobody gets nearly as much as they want and too many parties to the compromise walk away unhappy. The Democrat penchant for sowing division whenever and wherever is coming back to bite them bigly.

    Their renewed effort to question the legitimacy of the upcoming midterm elections is another lefty hustle doomed to failure. I’m hoping they go all in on that one. It would be astoundingly myopic for them to question Republican wins without putting their own protected urban vote fraud operations at risk. That’s handing Republicans a club even invertebrates like Lindsey Graham and Willard Romney would gladly use on them.

  3. jonnyv

    MERLIN, your comment about questioning the legitimacy of the mid-terms is hilarious. Considering many on the right have been questioning and accusing others of fraud for the 2020 election. Questioning any election is a dumb thing unless you have significant proof. Of which neither side has, nor has EVER had. Fringe idiots on the right staged a pathetic coup without a plan for the love of god, all based on listening to idiots on the right and social media say that the election was “stolen” for WEEKS. All this does is weaken the belief that any side is honest. And let me be clear, I think that both sides are honest and playing by the rules (mostly).

    And as far as compromise. That boat sailed years ago. Neither side will do it on anything significant. No one wants to look like they gave ANYTHING to the other side. Jesus, remember when McConnell literally blocked all of Obama’s federal justices appointments (not to mention Supreme Court). What used to be just a given in government is now a tug of war for every inch.

    Biden left behind the far left well before the election even happened. Everyone knew it. And yet everyone voted for him because they knew that the alternative of Trump was WAY WORSE. Do you know how nice it has been, NOT to read what dumb thing or blatant lie our president says DAILY.

    It is only weekly now, and I will take that as a major victory!

  4. Mar

    “Do you know how nice it has been, NOT to read what dumb thing or blatant lie our president says DAILY.”
    As opposed to Senile Joe and his incoherent rantings.
    Did you watch the press conference yesterday, it was a disaster for the country.
    Yeah, President Trump said some dumb things, but Truck Driver Joe is showing others how weak the leader of the US

  5. Merlin

    > MERLIN, your comment about questioning the legitimacy of the mid-terms is hilarious.

    I’m glad you found it amusing.

  6. Tuerqas

    In order JonnyV:

    The problem with your first paragraph is “And let me be clear, I think that both sides are honest and playing by the rules (mostly).” THAT is hilarious. Read about the history of elections outside of Google. It has been fraught with fraud and suppression since Jon Adams. If you enter into a debate about election fraud with the pre-conception that virtually everyone is honest, you will always believe as you do and based on convictions, I guess you are right. Have you ever noticed that DAs are elected and that they run with a party? That basically means that every DA has a vested interest and should recuse themselves from any election fraud prosecution, so who charges fraud?

    You did realize that Merlin was talking about Dems compromising with other Dems, right? I believe your statement is still accurate, but do you?

    Even if Biden wasn’t battling senility and so his handlers are hiding him as much as possible, your last paragraphs are crocked. The press is bias, even libs know that. They know to hate, distrust and disbelieve Fox News, just as Republicans hate just about every other major outlet as most of them are heavily biased towards liberalism. They are not going to lambast their guy every day. We are not reading every gaffe made by Biden every day simply because he is a Democrat. If Biden were a Republican, we’d have news every second questioning his mental faculties. Lib news would have been non-stop analyzing every word for Alzheimers and demanding Biden testing with results open to public view. Biden has certainly shown as much opportunity for negative press as Trump. Trump only had more ammo out there because he refused to be muzzled.

  7. dad29

    Somebody here memorizes MSNBC editorials and transcribes them. Does it pretty well, too.

    Actual facts and knowledge? Not so much.

  8. MjM

    JV hallucinates: “Do you know how nice it has been, NOT to read what dumb thing or blatant lie our president says DAILY. ”

    When all you read/see/hear is The Milwaukee Urinal/CNN/PBS, of course not. Try living outside your leftist bubble, comrade.

    Or you could simply listen to BJ’s “press conference” from two days ago. In just two hours there is enough Biden lies and brain-dead statements to last you six months, at least.

  9. Mark Hoefert

    Something Scott Adams (Dilbert creator) posted about a week ago on Twitter:

    People who don’t watch Fox News probably never knew their own news sources hoaxed them on #FinePeopleHoax, #DrinkingBleachHoax, #RussianCollusionHoax and lots more.

    Nord would be exhibit A.

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