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0741, 30 Dec 21

Biden Adopts Trump’s More Balanced Approach to Pandemic

Even CNN is grudgingly admitting that Trump’s pandemic approach was more correct than Biden’s.

But the evolving administration approach is also one that could eventually point to a sustainable path back to something closer to normality for many Americans once the winter surge abates — a future in which Covid-19 will always be in the background and not eradicated.




It’s fair to ask whether the Biden administration is beginning to prioritize economics over science, just as Democrats once blasted Trump for doing.
As the ex-President agitated in spring 2020 to get Americans back to work, even with high viral rates, he was rightly accused of putting his election-year goals before public health. Members of the Trump administration might be forgiven, therefore, for wondering whether the current President, faced with a tough midterm election year, is attempting something similar.


The issue is steeped in complexity that runs deeper than politics. The new CDC approach has some support from physicians worried about hospitals running short on doctors, nurses and support staff when Omicron hits its peak. But some epidemiologists are concerned that the isolation period is too short and could lead to more infections. Worker advocates like flight attendant unions have warned against forcing people back to work when they are sick.

The isolation issue is not the only one causing political controversy.


Walensky explained to reporters that negative rapid antigen tests were not required at the five-day mark because such methods were not always accurate in showing whether someone could transmit the virus at that point. Yet after Biden admitted this week that his team should have done better in foreseeing a huge shortage in such tests, it would be politically impossible for the CDC to require them when changing the guidance.

Former Trump administration surgeon general Dr. Jerome Adams — who was among officials often accused of putting politics before science or appeasing Trump’s goals — criticized the change in guidance on a long Twitter thread Tuesday.


“If it’s to keep the economy open, own it. But don’t claim science based, yet ignore the most important science (ie value of negative tests + high quality masks),” Adams wrote.


He appears to have a point. Yet the current circumstances of the pandemic are far different from those that prevailed when the former President downplayed its significance, despite knowing how serious it was, in an apparent effort to shield his reelection prospects.


0741, 30 December 2021


  1. Jason

    And wow just a couple days ago we had a “valued” commenter calling Conservatives “Flat-Earthers”. Leroy quoting Tom Nichols is the only flat-foreheaded thing said here in a long time.

  2. Merlin

    Covid has exposed the Democrats like nothing else before.

  3. Mar

    Can you imagine if the Senile Joe administration took the best policies of President Trump and come up with some good ideas of their own, they could have numerous lives.
    But Biden’s puppeteers have so.much hate for Trump and his supporters that ditched all his ideas and did not come with of their own ideas and now thousands of more people died under Truck Driver Joe’s administration than Trump’s.
    So much for stopping the virus, right President Poopy Pants?

  4. Mar

    From the UKDaily Mail: “The Biden administration struck a $137 million deal to build a new factory in the U.S. to ramp up production of COVID-19 testing kits – but the new facility won’t be completed until late 2024 at the earliest.”
    The plant is going to be built in Sheboygan.
    Building this factory is not going to help in the short term.
    Total incompetence.

  5. Merlin

    Just in time to satisfy the Covid-24 election hysteria.

  6. dad29

    Just in time to satisfy the Covid-24 election hysteria.

    Every single thing the Administration has done in the last 2 weeks has been done with an eye to Bai-Den’s HORRIBLE ratings and the likely electoral demolition of the (D) members of Congress following on that.

    The only one who will NOT shut up is Fauci, who is still calling for a VaxxPass to fly domestically. Watch for him to either full-reverse that position or be ‘de-personed’ in the next 10 days.

    It is possible, of course, that Bai-Den will follow Fauci’s advice (after the heavy travel period), but one suspects that the reaction would be monumental–making the 1/6 event into a ballet-dance in comparison.

  7. MjM

    Mar sez: “ Building this factory is not going to help in the short term.”

    Nor in the long term. It’s nothing more than the BJ mini version of Solyndra. In two years (plan on three) there will be no need for mass testing.

    Today, I committed $137 million to expanding the production of COVID-19 at-home tests using our military authority in order to meet demand. – Babblin’ Joe, bragging about his uselessness now and in the future.

    To bad he can’t remember his prior 60 years of uselessness. Aside from all the made-up fantasy tales, that is.

  8. Mar

    The Sheboygan newspaper was so excited about a new factory being built that they printed zero articles about it.

  9. Mar

    It’s funny how liberals cannot defend Senile Joe’s administration and resort to calling out President Trump.
    Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real mental disorder and is dangerous.
    Institutalization is appropriate for TDS.

  10. Mar

    Thank you Pat, but as you can see, I posted well before they posted te article.

  11. Jason

    Pat, any comment on the fact that there will be Hunter Biden art on the walls of this new plant?

  12. Tuerqas

    “Even CNN is grudgingly admitting that Trump’s pandemic approach was more correct than Biden’s.”

    So outside of election years CNN and the Biden admin are Trumpsters. I wonder if that includes Le Roi…

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