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1854, 30 Dec 21

Biden and Putin Cross Swords

Do you have confidence in President Biden to deal with Russia? I don’t.

Don’t you wonder if the Russians have leverage on Biden given Hunter’s and Joe’s history of selling influence? I do.

Kremlin officials said President Putin warned Joe Biden that new sanctions would lead to a complete breakdown in relations between the two countries, during a 50-minute phone call to discuss the crisis over Ukraine on Thursday.


Both sides have accused the other of provocations while tens of thousands of Russian troops have been moved close to the Ukrainian border.


And both sides used the call to warn of dire consequences if the current impasse over Ukraine is not resolved.




For its part, the White House stressed that Biden urged his Russian counterpart to deescalate tensions, hours after it emerged that the U.S. Air Force had flown a second spy plane over the region.


‘He made clear that the United States and its allies and partners will respond decisively if Russia further invades Ukraine,’ said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.


A senior administration official added: ‘The tone of the conversation between the two presidents was serious and substantive.’


Russia has alarmed the West by moving more than 85,000 troops close to the Ukrainian border but officials deny they are planning to invade.


1854, 30 December 2021


  1. dad29

    Putin does NOT want Ukraine to join NATO.

    Good. There’s no good reason for the US (yah, that’s really NATO) to add Ukraine to the list of countries we will protect at all costs.

  2. Jason

    Hey Dad, do you remember when our rezident idiot proclaimed that Trump was disbanding NATO. Leroy is an idiot. You’re right, no reason for us to be protecting that side of the world when they’re perfectly capable of doing it themselves. All Trump did was get a few of them to pay more of their share… hardly “disbanding” anything, but Leroy was frantic about it.

  3. Merlin

    I’d be willing to bet Putin knows more about the details of the Biden crime family operations than old Joe knows himself. Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden are not peers anywhere other than on paper.

  4. dad29

    What the Hell is LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy going to do when CNN closes its doors? MSNBC? Wait—Rachel Whats-the-Conspiracy is down to 1/week.

    Maybe Hollywood Reporter, or ESPN……

  5. Mar

    Well, Lying Le Roi would fit right in.

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