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0636, 20 Dec 21

Marxist Rage

I’m taking great pleasure from watching the commies rage against Joe Manchin. I suspect that Manchin is also enjoying it. At the same time, I’m horrified by how close we are to abandoning capitalism and democracy.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, and other members of the progressive ‘Squad’ assailed Senator Joe Manchin after the centrist Democrat from West Virginia said he would not support President Biden’s Build Back Better plan.


‘Our entire democracy is on the line,’ Ocasio-Cortez, the congresswoman from New York, tweeted on Sunday.




The Squad member called on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to schedule a vote ‘immediately’.


‘If they forced folks to go on record with [the bipartisan infrastructure bill], they can force the Senate to go on record with BBB,’ she wrote in a later tweet on Sunday.


House Rep. Cori Bush, a progressive Democrat from St. Louis, also blasted Manchin on Sunday, tweeting: ‘Honestly, I’m frustrated with every Democrat who agreed to tie the fate of our most vulnerable communities to the corporatist ego of one Senator.




Other progressives were also furious with Manchin.


‘Let’s be clear: Manchin’s excuse is bulls**t,’ Representative Ilhan Omar tweeted on Sunday.


‘The people of West Virginia would directly benefit from childcare, pre-Medicare expansion, and long term care, just like Minnesotans.’


She added: ‘This is exactly what we warned would happen if we separated Build Back Better from infrastructure.’


Omar told MSNBC she knew Manchin ‘couldn’t be trusted.’


0636, 20 December 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    IT is awesome to watch! The total greed, selfishness, and utter putrid disgust of leftists is on full display! Why leftists want to make this country Venezuela is beyond me.

  2. Mar

    “‘Our entire democracy is on the line,’ Ocasio-Cortez, the congresswoman from New York, tweeted on Sunday.”
    Too funny, a socialist/communist is all of a sudden afraid for democracy when she hates democracy.
    I don’t think AOC is the dumbest person in the room but the dumbest person is getting excited about moving on up.

  3. Mar

    More stupidity from AOC: “It’s a farce in terms of, you know, plain democracy, because I represent more — or just, just as many, or more people than Joe Manchin does, perhaps more​,” she said.”.
    “In fact, West Virginia’s population is 1.79 million, while New York’s 14th Congressional District, which encompasses parts of the Bronx and Queens, is comprised of about 750,000 people.​” NY Post.
    I guess they don’t teach math in the economics program at Brown University.

  4. Merlin

    AOC managed to get herself re-elected, so her constituents must have awfully low expectations of their representatives. There’s no mystery surrounding who she is and what she’s about. She’s consistently wrong every time she speaks.

  5. Mar

    alAOC got elected because she is cute and is very good on social media.
    If she looked like and had the social media of, say, Nancy Pelosi , she would never have been elected.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Interesting that the WV miners, the folks Manchin represents, are coming out against Manchin

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    Interesting that the WV miners, the folks he represents, are asking Manchin to reconsider his posit.

  8. Le Roi du Nord



  9. Mar

    One union leader doesn’t mean anything.
    Just like the firefighter union leadership favored Senile in the election but the vast majority did not support him.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    Being a union leader means that person represents the union membership. Just like Manchin represents the citizens of WV.

  11. Mar

    Using your logic, then all West Virginians support what Sen. Manchin did.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, it doesn’t. Manchin represents the citizens of WV, just like rojo represents the citizens of WI. However I don’t support anything he stands for. You really don’t have a clue how representative government works, do you?

  13. dad29

    Union “leaders” haven’t represented their membership for quite a few years, with the exception of the tit-sucking unions: teachers and state/local employees.

    LeeeeeeeRoy knows that, just like everybody else.

  14. Mar

    Le Roi says: “Interesting that the WV miners, the folks he represents, are asking Manchin to reconsider his posit.”
    And again that is the view of one person, not all miners.
    If you said union leadership, you would be correct.
    Also, Ron Johnson doesn’t represent your interests and Mark Kelly doesn’t represent my interests, though, surprisingly, Kirsten Sinema is doing a much better representing all Arizonans

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    Where do you get the idea that it is the view of one person?

  16. Tuerqas

    So Mar says the request for Manchin to change his position came from union leadership.
    Le Roi is basically stating there must have been a vote from the miners.
    So who can show proof? Is there a statement from the mining union leadership asking Manchin to reconsider or is there a poll from WV miners?

    Or is it really not that important anyway? I read there are 11,418 miners in WV and the last census says there are about 1.792 people in total. Math says that is six tenths of 1%. Triple that number to include their families and you haven’t hit 2%. Most people would call that more of a fringe than a representation… I am sure I could find a much larger number (say, most of the 271,113 Republicans that voted for Morissey) of people who support Manchin in this.

  17. Mar

    “Where do you get the idea that it is the view of one person?”
    Because I looked through about 10 West Virginia online newspapers and found only 1 article that quoted 1 person.

  18. Merlin

    Would these be the same miners AOC’s cabal is aiming to render permanently unemployed as miners? That whole anti-coal, anti-oil, pro-windmill crowd couldn’t give two shits less about coal miners they’d rather see just disappear. I know y’all weren’t born yesterday.

    Direct quotes from lying propagandists are no more reliable than cooked polling numbers from politically biased pollsters. What weight do you assign to a union rep’s direct quote? How about a commissioned poll?

    All you can rely on is what they actually do. The only guy who has proved credible here so far is Manchin himself. Dems are looking for excuses in all the wrong places.

  19. Le Roi du Nord

    So guys, the United Mine Workers president is acting unilaterally, and without authorization from the members? If you are correct he won’t be in office for long.

  20. dad29

    UMW officers have a reputation for murdering dissenters.

    Much more important than any UMW officer’s ravings is another reason for Manchin’s unhappiness with Build Back Bolshevik: there are serious geo-political concerns afoot. Spending ridiculous money on useless green projects also detracts from our ability to spend money on the military’s needs.

    There’s much more at play than imagined warm/cool/whatever.

  21. dad29

    As to elected leaders ‘speaking for’ people….

    Just 31 percent of likely voters believe President Joe Biden speaks for their political views–Rasmussen

    President PoopyPants didn’t even make 1 year…..

  22. Jason

    Must be humiliating to have been duped into voting for Biden/Harris. We had 4 years of screaming idiots yelling how bad Trump is, and their guy is actually worse.

  23. Merlin

    Biden is certainly worse, but worse doesn’t even begin to describe it. For all practical purposes Joe Biden is nothing more than a figurehead trotted out at intervals to provide continued proof of life. Kamala Harris has been effectively marginalized and isolated from decision making. The country is being run by Biden’s Obama 3.0 staffers. Our constitutional order exists only on paper.

  24. Tuerqas

    “So guys, the United Mine Workers president is acting unilaterally, and without authorization from the members? If you are correct he won’t be in office for long.”

    Finally! Le Roi may be starting to understand how elected leaders work! They get elected on false platforms, do their own agenda, usually self interest based, and often get voted out the next cycle. That bill will essentially kill coal mining and the leader is coming out for it? I wonder how much his bank account is going to improve, while his constituents lose their jobs…

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    Finally, someone described (false platforms, own agenda, self-interest, voted outright) the reign of terror trump brought to us all. Good work T, and in less than 1000 words

  26. Mar

    And Lying Karen Le Roi lies again.

  27. Tuerqas

    Oh no, Trump had an agenda for sure. Le Roi, go ahead and regale us with all the self-interest projects that Trump fomented. Trump didn’t take a half million dollar salary, he had little more money than when he began his presidency (Obama increased his wealth by about 1200% just during his Presidency). Trump increased his fortune by a smaller percentage than any President in the 20th and 21st century.
    By all means keep showing your robotic nature. Repeat after Le Roi: “I will never condemn a Democrat unless it is programming approved. Oh no, Trump is at fault. Warning! Danger Will Robinson!”

  28. Mar

    Hey Lying Pervert Le Roi, your favorite Pervert judge is going to be sentenced today for possessing and distributing child porn, including videos of babies being raped.
    I know you’ll miss him.

  29. Le Roi du Nord


    How would you know that, “he had little more money than when he began his presidency”, or “Trump increased his fortune by a smaller percentage than any President in the 20th and 21st century” ? He won’t release his taxes, and is being investigated by several jurisdictions for scams involving falsifying his worth for tax and loan purposes. Or are you just another one of the robotic trumpeteers that believes everything that comes out of his mouth?

    How much did the trump administration spend at trump properties over his 4 years in office? Do you think he made a profit on those rooms/meals/golf carts on the 500+ trips to trump properties??

  30. dad29

    One could be a robotic moron that believes everything coming from the mouth of the US Attorney for SD New York, or that State’s A.G., too. That often leads to serious disappointment, eh, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy?

    Yes, Trump made a profit on his trips using Trump properties. The good news? He made the MSM pay for their rooms at his properties, too.

    More important: so what?

  31. Mar

    Of course Lying Karen Le Roi forgets that Senile Joe charged the secret service rent for staying at his house.
    And Pervert Boy Le Roi, your buddy, the pervert judge got 9 years in prison. I’m sure will visit him routinely.

  32. Tuerqas

    Oh, I don’t know Le Roi, would you trust Forbes and/or CNN? Forbes estimates, according to CNN that Trump’s worth was 3.1 billon in 2016 and 2.5 billion in 2020. And tax returns show earnings for a year, not net worth, but of course you may not know the difference as the lib media was critical of his tax return privacy, not about his net worth (in fact they are very quiet about it as their meme still has him enriching himself at taxpayer expense and net worth debunks it completely).

    Now a thinking person might say that he lost so much during his Presidency because of Covid which liberals blame on Trump, for some reason. However, the iconic liberal FDR was somehow able to increase his fortune by about 6000% during the great depression and WWII. I believe Obama increased his fortune from about 1.3 million in 2008 to over 40 million in 2016. Estimates today are over 135 million.

    I was wrong about Trump, and I admit it was because I had not looked it up recently. Trump lost more money than any other President during his Presidency…by hundreds of millions. That is from CNN and Forbes, not a Trump website. Your info and opinion are obviously from dumpster dive anti-Trump lib sites, because even CNN shows he lost a crap load of money.

    I will also admit that you have the intelligence to grasp lib media advertising. Take your worst attribute and pretend it is your best or pretend it is your competition’s failing. Me, robotic? You are truly pathetic even as you may think you have scored somehow, in your own mind. You projected your failing onto me, I went and looked up the info and found it was a much stronger case than I had believed. Who is the programmed being here?

  33. dad29

    I hear LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy beating feet away from this thread……..

  34. Jason

    Buh bye Leroy, you got exposed as a fraud once again.

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