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0712, 02 Dec 21

Chicago Frets Over Vaccines As Crime Runs Rampant

Priorities on display.

Chicago’s mandate for police caused concerns of a cop shortage at a time when the city is dealing with soaring violent crime.


So far this year, the city has seen 739 murders, a 3 percent increase from last year’s already elevated figure and a 60 percent jump from 2019. Shootings are up 9 percent and 66 percent from 2020 and 2019 respectively.


Lightfoot’s shaky standing with cops was worsened by the murder of Officer Ella French, with many turning their backs on the mayor when she visited French’s wounded partner in hospital.


Having previously defunded the police department, Lightfoot has now backed plowing more money into it amid worsening crime in her city.


The city insisted that those who didn’t comply with the vaccine mandate would eventually be placed on ‘no-pay status.’


0712, 02 December 2021


  1. Tuerqas

    So the liberal message is to enforce an illegal and just plain bad law on their already waning police force in order to weaken it further so that the (less heinous???) crimes like murder can increase even more…Then blacks can decry white supremacy while violently stealing from and killing off their own race in record numbers. It should be whites and blacks protesting that black lives matter in black neighborhoods with the high murder rates, shouldn’t it?
    If you want to reduce the number of police brutalities in the inner cities, you should be targeting the murderers. If Cops felt appreciated, safer and above all were assisted by civilians with crimes in those neighborhoods, they wouldn’t be brutal, they would be positive influences and appreciative towards people of any race in those neighborhoods. It starts with getting murderers off the street, not putting them back out on them. How is that a hard equation? Yet people like Chisholm make polices as if the simple truth is exactly the opposite, like 2+2=negative 4.
    Liberals, actively racist and evil in the false name of ‘public good’. It is hard to slice it any other way.

  2. Mar

    Not a law, Tuerqas, a tyrannical dicate. Made by one iberal person who openly encourages crime and murderers in Chicago. Lori Beetlejuice Lightweight.

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