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0803, 07 Nov 21

Paper Tiger Progressives


“And so frankly these ‘no’ votes really, really rack up the temperature on leadership to deliver on paid family leave, to deliver on relief for immigrant communities, to deliver on all of these things,” Ocasio-Cortez said.


Friday’s deal involved passing the infrastructure bill with some Republican support, while moderate Democrats won a pledge for the Congressional Budget Office to analyze the cost of the larger tax and spending measure before the House votes on it.


A CBO analysis on the public works package suggested it would add $256 billion to the federal deficit over a decade.

All their “no” votes showed leadership is that the progressive squad can be counted on when leadership needs them, so the leadership can let them have their show “no” votes to maintain their street cred amongst their dim base.


0803, 07 November 2021


  1. Merlin

    The Republican squad that loves to vote Democrat has more detrimental influence than AOC’s gang of miscreant wannabes. Pricks.

  2. dad29

    their dim base.

    You mean “reporters”. Just say it.

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