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1805, 31 Oct 21

Psaki Has the ‘Vid

I’m beginning to think that the vaccines aren’t very effective at preventing the spread of COVID. There may be other reasons to get one.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed on Sunday evening she had tested positive for COVID-19 after deciding not to travel with President Biden to the G20 summit in Rome because members of her family had already received positive tests.


Psaki, 42, who has had two doses of vaccine, said she was last in contact with the president on Tuesday, and the two sat more than 6 feet apart while wearing masks.

It wasn’t that long ago that people were being shamed for getting COVID as if it was a moral failing.


1805, 31 October 2021


  1. Mark Hoefert

    Healthy young and fit lady like herself should recover quickly and nicely.

    I assume that she will have to quarantine.

    Which is convenient – she does not have to deal with the latest “shit storm”.

    Fact checkers are busy noting that there is no confirming evidence that President Biden (AKA President Poopy Pants) crapped in his pants at the Vatican. However, as a hedge for their credibility, they are acknowledging there is no confirming evidence that he did not crap his pants while at the Vatican.

  2. Mar

    So, everyone around Circleback Jen are immunized and yet she probably got 4 Chinese virus cells in her nose and tested positive.
    She probably did not have any symptoms, so, if you don’t have symptoms, are you really sick?

  3. Mar

    And how did she get it?
    Fully vaccinated, surrounded by mask wearing vaccinated people under a vaccine and mask mandate. Probably social distanced as much as possible so she would not be near the unvaccinated.
    She should have been the least likely person to get the Chinese virus, but here we’re.
    Tell me again why mask and vaccine mandates work?

  4. Mar

    It sucks to be a liberal.
    They think they have a winning argument and then a fellow liberal goes about to screw them over.
    Psaki is the most visible person in the Senile Joe administration and one of the most carefully watched person. There is no way she should have gotten the virus, if the vaccines and masks work.
    Andshelied when she would not get serious symptoms because of the vaccine.
    BS, there is a 95+% chance she would have had mild symptoms whether she had the vaccine or not.

  5. jonnyv

    She clearly got it from someone in her household, as her statement implied. Maybe an unvaccinated child? Maybe her husband or another family member. Probably someone she is around quite frequently unmasked. I am counting down the days until my 10 year old can get vaxxed.

    The vaccine helps slow the spread (not stop it). It significantly lowers your chance at severe symptoms and death, and hopefully any other rare side effect that we have been hearing about.

    She is doing the adult responsible thing of quarantining herself for the appropriate amount of time to help further prevent her spreading it to anyone who may not be as healthy as her.

  6. Jason

    >The vaccine helps slow the spread (not stop it). It significantly lowers your chance at severe symptoms and death, and hopefully any other rare side effect that we have been hearing about.

    So Biden told a big fat whopper when he said this to the Nation…

    “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,”

    Nice of Politifact to be completely biased in their “Half True” review of that bullshit statement.

    Ironic too that CDC does not track breakthrough cases with any level of effort that they did for Covid from early 2020 to today. Heck if someone drove their motorcycle into a tree and died and posthumously tested positive for Covid, it counted… but once they were vaccinated, it becomes too burdensome to track. Bullshit. The establishment is lying. The political apparatus is swampy-er than it ever has been.

  7. Mar

    Assuming she got it from one of her kids, isn’t that asure sign that masks don’t work? Johnny? You cannot swing a dead cat in the DC area where there is not a mask mandate.
    And she is around people who are not masked? Where, besides home? Where would that be? Unless she broke the mask mandate rules while inside a business besides home.
    It significantly lowers her symptoms? She is a young, fit woman with no known health problems. Statistically, that statement is just false. Since she has some symptoms, it’s possible that the vaccine caused those problems.
    She had no choice but to quarantine, she had no choice.
    I wish your child well in getting the vaccine and pray that they do not suffer any side effects and has to be hospitalized. But as a parent, you know best.
    But again, she is the most recognizable person in the Senile Joe administration. She should have taken more responsibility.
    Unless of course, masks and vaccines don’t work.

  8. dad29

    The vaccine helps slow the spread (not stop it).

    Not true. Delta arose when the Vaxx became available. Didn’t slow Delta at all,

    What REALLY “slowed the spread”: natural immunity.

  9. Paul

    That ginger bitch lies more than fellow ginger Owen Robinson.

  10. jonnyv

    Dad, variants occur when the virus has time to adapt. You know, kinda like evolution, but you probably don’t believe in that either.

    The Delta variant was first diagnosed in India in late 2020. Before the vaccines were available. And as we all know it spreads much easier than the original. The Delta had NOTHING to do with vaccines. Fake News as you would say.

    Jason, yes Joe Biden’s statement was wrong. If you want to call it a lie, you wouldn’t be incorrect in that either, assuming he knew it was wrong when he said it.

    Jen Psaki got the virus (was vaxxed) and is as home getting over whatever mild symptoms she has. Kristy Swanson (51 year old unvaxxed actress from Buffy & Pretty in Pink) got the virus and she is in the hospital on oxygen. Thankfully sounds like she will be fine. But that is the difference between being vaxxed and unvaxxed. It is the likelyhood you will end up in the hospital. There is no “natural immunity” to this. You get it, and you roll the dice on if you will be in the hospital. Getting vaxxed just makes that a 1000 sided die.

    I believe that EVERYONE will probably get this virus or a variant of some sort, it just depends on how badly it affects you. I will trust the decades old science on this one thanks.

  11. Mar

    “There is no “natural immunity” to this.”
    Total BS.
    Just using me as an example.
    I spent 40 years working in Special education, CBS, cashier etc, but mostly in jobs that deal with the public and in public places, like schools. I’ve been exposed to so many viruses and bacteria.
    I also got the Chinese virus, working in Los Angeles, a fully masked County.
    I got the chills for 2 hours and a fever for another hour and then was fine. Nothing more. And never got the virus again, even though I meet about 150+ customers a day or more, with no mask, social distancing and no vaccine.
    Am I different? Maybe, and probably because I’ve been exposed to so many germs in my life, that I grew an immunity from the serious effects from Covid.

  12. Mar

    Oh, Johnny, I forgot to mention, Johnny, I have many comoridities- overweight, high blood pressure, older etc. The odds of me having severe Covid were against me but with my natural immunity, well, I really had an inconvenience than anything serious.

  13. Le Roi du Nord


    Maybe you should address your comoridities as well as get vaccinated. Or do you have a death wish?

  14. Mar

    Pervert Boy Le, I trust science and I base my opinions on science.
    Unlike you, who base your opinions on anti-science and hate.

  15. Mar

    2 opinion pieces.
    So what.
    Means nothing.
    I trust science.
    You don’t, Pervert Boy Le Roi.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    Johns Hopkins and Nebraska Medicine are both medical professional publications. Well respected in the medical and scientific field. Unlike you, they know what they are talking about.

  17. Mar

    Bahahahaha. Still means nothing because the wording suggest it is not 100% accurate.

  18. Le Roi du Nord

    As compared to you with your 0% accuracy.

  19. Mar

    Anf another lie by Pervert Boy Le Roi

  20. dad29

    Li’l JonnyV prefers to forget the studies in Israel and the UK which show that Chinese Lung-Rot “D” exploded amid the vaxxed population over last summer. In fact it’s now the pandemic of the vaxxed in both. Would be here, too, except that *for some reason* accurate counts of vaxxed/unvaxxed are not available. Huh,

  21. Mar

    So, NYC is closing down over 2 dozen fire companies a day, cutting down on the number of ambulances they have on the road all in the belief that NYC is now safer than a few days ago.
    Only a moron would believe that

  22. Mar

    Johnny and Le Roi, can you provide a scientific study that shows first responders gave the Chinese virus to those who called them or needed them?
    1 study please.

  23. jonnyv

    Mar, no I can’t. I don’t think that is the primary worry is a first responder infecting a civilian (although it would be a secondary issue). I think that when you have a group of people all staying in close quarters (firefighters, police, hospital workers, etc) and the risk of a highly contagious virus, you run a big risk of infecting a large swath of people and taking out an entire firehouse or police station. Not only is that bad for services, but you open yourself up to lawsuits as well.

    First responders have a much higher chance of GETTING infected based on the number of random people they need to come into contact with. And so with that info, spreading the virus would be at a higher rate as well.

  24. Mar

    “you run a big risk of infecting a large swath of people and taking out an entire firehouse or police station.”
    But yet that hasn’t happened, or at least not that often.
    Yes, first responders have gotten the virus at a higher rate than say a office rat.
    And these responders also have been exposed to so many viruses over their course of their work that they have built up immunity.
    As a former teacher, EMT and health care worker, I have been exposed to so many viruses that my immunity is probably stronger than most people and it is the same with the first responders. I am pretty sure that when I did get Covid about a year ago, my symptoms were quite mild despite having several comorbities.
    And the same goes with the cops and firefighters, nurses and doctors.
    You say that it will open to lawsuits as well. Really? Based on what?
    I used to be a firefighter and EMT, so I follow this closely.
    Before the vaccine, sometimes when 1 person at a fire station would get Covid or even they were exposed to it, they would quarantine an entire fire house. They don’t do that now because of testing .
    Finally, you can go to the Officer Down Memorial page and there are a couple of hundred cops listed as died of Covid and I call BS on that. Up until about a year ago, if an officer got sick and died, it was not considered to be a line if death.
    But since congress and President Trump approved Covid as a line of death, the number of line of duty deaths increased from virtually none to a couple of hundred this year. These numbers, in my humble opinion, these numbers are false. If they have a couple of Covid cells in their body, it will be considered to be a line of duty death, even if they died of other causes.

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    “COVID-19 is now killing more law enforcement officers than any other threat they face in the line of duty — 716 officers have died since March 2020, according to the Fraternal Order of Police.”

    As reported on numerous sources.

  26. Mar

    According to the officer down memorial page,, the number is around 500, so, again you are wrong Pervert Boy Le Roi.
    And not all were police officers, so again, you are lying, Pervert Boy Le Roi.
    And as I started before, pre-pandemic it was almost impossible to be a LODD for an illness.
    But now, the an LODD can be considered for Covid as a line of duty death. The only illness, besides cancer for working on the pile in NYC Twin Towers, is counted.
    Firefighters/EMS, do not have these number the cops have and they work closer with people with the Chinese virus.
    I highly doubt all 500 or so died strictly of Covid. My hunch is that many died of something else but was listed as Covid so the family can collect the LODD benefits.

  27. Mar

    From the Fraternal Order of Police: “

  28. Mar

    From the Fraternal Order of Police website: Please Note: “The following list has been compiled using media and news reports of law enforcement officers who have died due to COVID-19. The numbers listed include all reported COVID-19 deaths—not all have been verified.”
    Why do you lie so much, Pervert Boy Le Roi?

  29. Le Roi du Nord

    If you don’t like it mar, your issue is with the FOP, not me. I just provided the quote as was reported on numerous media sites. I made none of it up, and unlike you, I did not lie, exaggerate, or call anyone derogatory names.

  30. Mar

    Actually, you did make it up and left out important information, so, yes, you are a liar.

  31. Le Roi du Nord

    Also from the FOP website:

    ” President Yoes issued the following statement:

    “It is the position of the National FOP that vaccinations work to prevent people from becoming infected by COVID-19 and we encourage our members to get vaccinated. However, the National FOP believes that whether or not to accept the vaccine is a personal decision that our members should make for themselves after consultation with their doctor or other medical professionals.

    “We understand the public policy and public health objectives behind the Federal mandate on vaccinations. No one needs to tell our members about the dangers of COVID-19—we have lost more than 700 officers to the virus since the start of the pandemic. We know it can be deadly.

  32. Mar

    Let me remind you, Pervert Boy Le Roi what you said the other day:
    ““suggests” is all that Israeli study claimed. Another example of your inanities comprehend the written word.”
    So, I expect exact science Actual numbers. Not made up numbers.
    You didn’t do that, Pervert Boy Le Roi.
    And you said 800 cops died and your quote said 700.
    You are such a liar, Pervert Boy Le Roi.
    And uneducated.

  33. Le Roi du Nord


    Where did I say 800 cops died of COVID?

  34. Mar

    From the Fraternal Order of Police, they said 772 and I rounded up. The 772 and 716 numbers are wrong.

  35. Le Roi du Nord

    So mar, you admit that I didn’t say that 800 cops died from COVID, and you admit that you exaggerated the number. Looks the the self-identified liar here is you.

    If you want to dispute the numbers you need to complain to the FOP, as they were the source.

  36. Mar

    No and no.
    You cited the FOP as a source, so you stand by them and believe them
    But typical dumbass liberal. Blame others for your mistake or for your stupidity.

  37. Le Roi du Nord

    I provided quotes from an organization much closer to and knowledgeable on the issue than you. I made no comment as to the accuracy. If you feel the numbers are incorrect, your complaint is with them.

    And to compound your ignorance you exaggerated their numbers and claimed that I was the source of the exaggerated numbers.

    Anyone with an iota of intelligence can easily see you are the liar here, and have perpetuated the lies in a feeble attempt to protect your fragile ego.

    Man up mar, and admit your failures.

  38. Mar

    You provided the post, dumbass, I came up another source which is more accurate.
    Further, you never have disputed my original comment where I stayed the number of cops killed by the Chinese virus is overblown.
    And you don’t even stand by your own link.
    Typical liberal. Make false accusations, then run away from it.
    I guess you believe the fake climate change crisis.
    And that Senile Joe Biden is mentally with it.
    And that HQC doesn’t work.
    Thank you for playing, Pervert Boy Le Roi, but you lose again.

  39. Mar

    I am really surprised that you, Pervert Boy Le Roi, went with the FOP since you you are so anti-police union and anti cop.

  40. Le Roi du Nord

    How would anyone know your “source” is “more accurate “ ? Nothing else you have claimed resembles accurate.

    You made the false claims and exaggerations, not me.

    HQC still doesn’t prevent, or cure COVID.

    And I have never, ever, made any anti cop or anti police union statements. Some of my best friends are, or were, cops and wardens. You made that all up.

  41. Mar

    And Pervert Boy Le Roi lies again.
    Anti-police, anti-union..
    But Pervert Boy Le Roi thinks cops should be mandated to get the Chinese virus shot.
    Even though that violates union contracts and despite most cops who refused the shot have natural immunity.
    But Le Roi is just a hateful person.

  42. Le Roi du Nord

    All stuff you made up. All of it. At least you are consistent in your fantasy world.

  43. Mar

    Still waiting, Pervert Boy Le Roi to tell us of your mitary experience.
    Like, which branch, what MOS, where you were stationed etc.

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