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1849, 01 Nov 21

SCOTUS Liberals Threaten Full-Scale Legal Assault on Rights if Conservative Justices Don’t Strike Down Texas Abortion Law

I don't recall ever seeing anything like this. The Liberal wing of the court is essentially threatening the other wing by green-lighting a lefty legal assault if they don't get their way.

Justice Elena Kagan said a ruling in Texas' favor "would be inviting states -- all 50 of them -- with respect to their unpreferred constitutional rights, to try to nullify the law that this court has laid down as to the content of those rights."
"There's a there's nothing the Supreme Court can do about it. Guns, sex, marriage, religious rights, whatever you don't like. Go ahead," Kagan said.

1849, 01 November 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Typical. For leftists, it is not about the Law or Constitution but pursuit of raw political power.

    Leftist ideology no longer supports the concept of America. We should just encourage leftists to exile to their totalitarian land of milk and honey…North Korea.

  2. Jason

    Actually I disagree with your analysis here Owen. I think what she’s saying is if Texas is allowed to continue this unique approach of weaponizing the courts… what’s to stop Cali or IL or NY from doing the same on the 2nd Amendment? Where an unlimited private citizen could sue a gun dealer for selling a gun to an individual.

    To me it seemed most of the conservative members raised questions getting to that same fear.

  3. Jason

    >Where an unlimited private citizen could sue a gun dealer for selling a gun to an individual.

    Should say “Where an unlimited number of private citizens could individually sue a business selling guns.”

  4. dad29

    So what, Jason? The disgraceful “positive law” regime is on the verge of collapse anyway. May as well push it down the stairs hoping that a court will acknowledge the supremacy of natural law. If not, well…..more chaos.

  5. Merlin

    The Kagan-types have always been part of the problem. Lefties successfully ran to the courts for decades to obtain their ‘progressive’ wants and wishes that couldn’t advance by the representative legislative process because of their unpopularity. The Kagans bastardized and weaponized the judicial process to their advantage long ago. Adding to the downward spiral of judicial relevance has been the Left’s political penchant for simply ignoring existing law they disagree with. They reaped all of the short term gains. Now they want to whine because they’re encountering significant blowback?

    The USSC is stuffed with elites from both parties who just can’t comprehend this populist pushback from the Right. At the same time they fear the radical Left’s threats to pack the Court into true irrelevance. If the Court’s lefties have been reduced to issuing threats it probably means they recognize that the clock is running down on them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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