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0924, 08 Sep 21

Denmark to Require Work for Welfare

Good for them. America could use some policies like this.

Some migrants in Denmark will now be required to work 37 hours a week in order to receive welfare benefits.


It will be a requirement for those who have been on benefits for three to four years, and who have not reached a certain level of proficiency in Danish.



The prime minister said that the rules were aimed at migrant women. The government says six out of 10 women from the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey are not in work.


“It is basically a problem when we have such a strong economy, where the business community demands labour, that we then have a large group, primarily women with non-Western backgrounds, who are not part of the labour market,” she said.

Employment Minister Peter Hummelgaard said the jobs could range from picking up cigarette butts on the beach to working in companies.


0924, 08 September 2021

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  1. Tuerqas

    It is a good thing for Europe that this program is in Denmark rather than Luxembourg or that hard-nosed results driven Tom Barrett would have something to say about making people work for State money.

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